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Who Should be Referred to the Counseling Center?

Almost every student at the College will at some time experience personal problems. Often a student finds solutions using their own initiative and resources. However, some students will experience problems serious enough or of sufficient duration to  warrant the concern of others.

There are a number of signs which can alert you to a student who may require professional attention. These include:

  • any talk about harming self or others, or any action which could harm self or others
  • significant changes in personal relationships including separation or divorce of  parents, the death of a friend or relative, roommate quarrels or other difficulties with peers, or the breakup of a romantic relationship 
  • preoccupation with dieting and physical appearance, restrictive eating patterns or binging and purging
  • physical complaints like headaches or upset stomach
  • anxiety (fears) or depression (unhappiness) 
  • changes in mood or behavior
  • alcohol and/or other drug abuse
  • confusion and apprehension about future academic, career or personal choices and  problems with academics including failure to attend classes and poor performance on tests and assignments.