Campus Energy Conservation Policy

The Department of Facilities is tasked with implementing an energy policy for the campus. This policy has been developed to ensure the efficient consumption of energy resources and it is also in line with initiatives to become an environmentally sustainable campus. 

Temperature settings will be standardized across campus with a target of 70 degrees in the winter and 74 degrees in the summer. Our goal is to provide average temperatures at these numbers. However, since there is not a thermostat in every space, actual measurements in individual spaces will likely vary by a couple of degrees.

Facilities has a central building energy management computer system to set temperatures in many of the spaces on campus. However, there are still many locations with individual thermostats where occupants have control of their local temperature as well as numerous locations with window air conditioners. It is essential that individuals with these controls adhere to the spirit of this policy. Facilities will periodically spot check areas for temperature settings. As with any policy, exceptions will be permitted for specific situations such as:

  • Research or computing facilities requiring specific temperature settings.
  • Conference spaces generating income for the College.
  • Areas with special collections.

Facilities will also work with building managers for unusual types of spaces such as the Hart Center to come up with reasonable solutions while still meeting the aims of this policy.

Night Temperature Setback

The buildings with computer control of the temperatures also have the ability to be varied at specific times of the day. Administrative, office and classroom areas will be adjusted to have further energy reductions from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. and on days when the college is closed or on the weekends. Special events outside the normal occupancy hours must be scheduled in consultation with Facilities. Notices must be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled event in order to ensure that HVAC settings are set appropriately and any personnel matters can be settled in advance.

Work Area Space Heaters

If a space heater is required in a localized area, departments should only use high-efficiency radiant heaters. High-efficiency radiant heaters are now available that use 170 watts at an estimated annual cost of $24 per year. Although the use of these heaters is discouraged, exceptions may be made via a request to work control at 508-793-2263. Individual departments are responsible for the initial costs of these high-efficiency radiant heaters. Facilities will provide funding for the heaters if proper setpoint temperatures in a localized area cannot be maintained without the benefit of space heaters. The following heaters are approved for campus use:

  • Berko 202SL panel
  • Qmark 202SL panel
  • Cozy Legs TCL panel

Space heaters must be turned off and unplugged when the work area is not occupied.

Student Housing

Student housing is controlled with the central computer system with the exception of Loyola and Williams Hall. These buildings have individual thermostats and students are asked to keep the maximum heating setting at 70 degrees. Air conditioning for summer conferences must be approved in advance by the vice president for administration and finance.

Student room temperatures will be adjusted to the following schedule: