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Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability provides centralized coordination, encouragement, and accountability to foster environmental stewardship in the Holy Cross community.

In 2007, Holy Cross embarked on a journey to bring its carbon emissions from 23,056 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCDE) down to net zero. We support this effort by strategically coordinating campuswide practices, policies, and initiatives. We track the College’s progress by reporting our greenhouse gas inventory externally and internally. We partner with community members across campus to implement ideas that encourage lasting environmental stewardship.

Contact the director of sustainability, Cathy Liebowitz, to collaborate on environmental projects or to ask questions about Holy Cross’ Carbon Commitment.


Groups and individuals take environmental action every day. We bring these different stakeholders together to maximize the College's resources, time, and people-power for the purpose of environmental progress. Join our campus network through the Carbon Commitment Google Group.


Recognizing that environmental stewardship takes a communitywide effort, the Office of Sustainability collaborates and supports individuals and groups across campus to implement ideas that offer lasting change. For instance, we've been involved with:

  1. Course development (e.g., resource compilation for the Environmental Studies faculty)
  2. Cocurricular learning (e.g., the Civitas Community Engagement & Leadership Institute)
  3. Events (e.g., Love Yourself Wellness Challenge)
  4. Public engagement (e.g., Healthcare Goes Green web series)
  5. Professional development (e.g., presentation to admissions team)
  6. Operational changes (e.g., reusable clamshells at the Main Dining Room in Kimball)


In compliance with the Carbon Commitment, Holy Cross submits a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory to Second Nature regularly. This reporting process transparently demonstrates the College’s progress and provides Holy Cross an opportunity to assess current efforts and realign work to maximize impact.