The Legislative Branch

The Senate

The Senate is composed of 21 elected voting representatives, with three Class-Wide Senators per class and nine At-Large Senators from any class. The Senate is presided over by the Speaker of the Senate, supported by the Parliamentarian and Legislative Secretary. The four committees of the SGA Senate: Student Outreach, Public Affairs, Recognized Student Organizations and Senate Budget Committees.

The Senate represents and advocates for student interests. They may form ad-hoc committees to formally evaluate and discuss issues of student interest, propose non-binding referenda, draft and execute Position Statements and Official Endorsements, review and amend the Constitution of the SGA, passing and repealing bylaws, rules, and legislation, confirming or rejecting nominees to specific offices of the SGA, hearing deferred cases of the Judicial Council, granting or rescinding recognition of student organizations affiliated with the SGA, and reviewing and approving the SGA budget. Senators are responsible for serving the best interest of their constituencies by introducing legislation, voting, and serving on committees.

The Senate also has the Clerkship Program which provides an alternative to running for a seat in the Senate. The Clerkship Program helps prepare clerks for expanded roles within the Senate and the Student Government as a whole.

Position Members
SGA Speaker of the Senate and Class of 2024 Senator Ned Coursey '24
Senate Parliamentarian and Class of 2024 Senator Daniela Londoño '24
Class of 2024 Senator Antoinette Frascone '24
Class of 2025 Senator John Fogarty '25
Class of 2025 Senator Michael Greco '25
Class of 2025 Senator Deborah Adekunle '25
Class of 2026 Senator Liam Johnson '26
Class of 2026 Senator and Co-Chair of the Recognized Student Organization Committee Marc Marandola Jr. '26
Class of 2026 Senator and Chair of the Senate Budget Committee Jackie Bazazi '26
Class of 2027 Senator William Woodruff '27
Class of 2027 Senator Patrick Ryan '27
Class of 2027 Senator Sarah Dressel '27
Senator at Large and Chair of the Student Outreach Committee Luke Ivanoski '26
Senator at Large and Co-Chair of the Recognized Student Organization Committee Ashwin Prabaharan '26
Senator at Large Katherine Gelshenen
Senator at Large Jailanny Pena '24
Senator at Large Benjamin Franzone '26
Senator at Large Anastasia Morris '26
Senator at Large Viveca Stucke '26
Senator at Large Jenna Erb '24
Senator at Large Elizabeth Schmidt '26
Senate Clerk for Senate Budget Committee Anthony Mann '26
Senate Clerk for Recognized Student Organization Committee Julia Weir '27
Senate Clerk for Student Outreach Committee Dylan Lynch '26
Senate Clerk for Public Affairs Dominika Chmielewski '27
Senate Executive Clerk Chelsea Cousin '27