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The Executive Branch


"The Executive Branch of the SGA shall be comprised of multiple facets that accomplish all the administrative business of the SGA including the Executive Cabinet; Class Officers; and Residence Hall House Councils." -SGA Constitution

The Cabinet

Members of the Cabinet are appointed by the Co-Presidents and confirmed by the Senate. They serve as an advisory counsel to the Co-Presidents and are chiefly responsible for the execution of executive initiatives. The Cabinet minimally consists of constitutionally mandated positions, including an Executive Cabinet made up of a Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Officer of Diversity, and a variety of Directorship positions, including Residence Life, Academic Concerns, Communications, Campus and SGA Services, Programming, Social Justice, Community Relations, Health and Safety, Student Athletics, Environmental Concerns, and Spiritual Life. The Co-Presidents may appoint any other Director positions that are not explicitly outlined in the Constitution, notably Interns and Student Outreach.

The SGA Internship Program

First and second-year students are encouraged to apply for the competitive SGA Internship Program. Interns work directly with Cabinet Directors throughout the year to execute Cabinet initiatives, shadow meetings, and learn about all three branches of the Student Government. This special opportunity to get hands-on experience in the SGA has led students to leadership positions in all three branches. Applications are released in September. 

Class Councils

Class Officers, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, are elected by their class to fundraise and create programs for their class. They work to promote unity within the class and may advocate for particular interests of their class.

The Residence Hall House Councils 

Residence Hall House Councils consist of representatives elected within each hall to create programming and advocate for residents. House Councils consist of two Co-Chairs, a Treasurer, and any other position deemed appropriate by Residence Life & Housing Staff. Additional positions may include a Secretary, Treasurer, Environmental Liaison, and hallway-specific rep. 

Inter-House Council consists of one Co-Chair from each Residence Hall House Council. It focuses on inter-hall communication and collaboration and provides a forum for the discussion of student life and residence life issues.