The Executive Branch

The SGA Cabinet is appointed by the SGA Co-Presidents and completes initiatives on a variety of functional areas. The SGA Cabinet is multidisciplinary and works closely with faculty, staff and students at the College. The SGA Cabinet is led by the SGA Chief of Staff.

SGA Cabinet, 2023 - 2024

Position Members
Chief of Staff Emma Wilson '24
Co-Directors of Academic Affairs Eremi Racine '26
Juan Trillo '25 (fall 2023)
Edwin Ryan '25 (spring 2024)
Director of Arts and Culture Julianna Stratton '26
Co-Directors of Athletics and Recreation Luke Cambra '26
Molly O'Connor '25
Director of Faith and Mission Evan Garcia '26
Co-Directors of Health and Safety Aviana Sullivan '24
Caitlin Desmond '25 (spring 2024)
Director of Programming Allison Leahy '24
Co-Directors of Public Affairs Kaelah Ross '24
Julia Wadolkowski '26
Director of Residential Experience Abby Koczko '24
Director of Sexual Respect and Awareness Riley Peck '24
Director of Student Outreach Lily Smith '24
Director of Sustainability and the Green Fund Esme Garcia '24
Co-Directors of Worcester Engagement Claire Wolf '25 (fall 2023)
EJ Murphy '26
Cabinet Interns Ester Anuoluwapo Osibajo '27, Riley Bode '27, Kelly Lombardo '26, Alexandra Lusby '26, Beatriz Ortega '27, and Emma Tweed '26

SGA Class Councils

Class Officers, including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, are elected by their class to fundraise and create programs for their class. They work to promote unity within the class and may advocate for particular interests of their class. The Senior Class Council is responsible for the planning and implementation of many senior celebration events, including Senior Ball and Senior Week.

Senior Class Council

Position Member
President Alessia Caira '24
Vice President Kyle McCabe '24
Secretary Nicole Pimentel '24
Treasurer Anthony Mabardy '24
Commencement Chair Alissandra Conlon '24

Junior Class Council

Position Member
President Stephen Walsh '25
Vice President Maya Guillotte '25
Secretary Ava Poulopoulos '25
Treasurer Michael Ryan '25

Sophomore Class Council

Position Member
President Christos Papavassiliou '26
Vice President Eva Muldoon '26
Secretary Grace Evans '26
Treasurer Michael Jantz '26

First-Year Class Council

Position Member
President Kenneth Southall '27
Vice President Curtis Goines '27
Secretary Janjay Kelly '27
Treasurer Coltrane Howell '27