The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Council is the sole body of the Judicial Branch of the Student Government Association. It consists of seven unbiased members appointed by the Co-Presidents and approved by a majority vote of the Senate. Three members hold one-year terms, and four members hold alternating two-year terms. The Council is presided over by a Chair who is also nominated by the Co-Presidents and approved by the Senate.

The Judicial Council seeks to maintain the integrity of the SGA Constitution and its Bylaws by investigating, addressing, and hearing all petitions and appeals arising from possible violations of the Constitution and its Bylaws. The Judicial Council supervises and coordinates all SGA election activities, hears complaints which may result in the removal of elected or appointed SGA officials, works with the Office of Community Standards and Student Integrity, and hears student appeals of parking violations issued by the Department of Public Safety.

The Judicial Council oversees all aspects of SGA Elections. More information will be available over email and on myHC related to SGA Elections.

Position Members
SGA Chair of the Judicial Council Catherine Pellini '25
Member of the Judicial Council Seneca Baldi '26
Member of the Judicial Council Connor Bankuti '26
Member of the Judicial Council Eileen Ledesma '26
Member of the Judicial Council Ava McDonough '25
Judicial Council Intern Patrick Bohn '27
Judicial Council Intern Maia Nicolosi '27