Student Publishing

If you have completed a major research project — through an honors program, through the summer research program, or on your own — you should consider finding a publication outlet as a way to complete the research cycle and share your work. 

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Where to Publish?

There are many opportunities to publish your research, on campus and elsewhere. The best place to start is with your advisor, who might know of relevant journals in the field. However, not all journals will accept undergraduate publications. Check the sites below for journals that are open to undergraduate submissions.

National and International Journals

Council on Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Journals
A site maintained by the Council on Undergraduate Research, which promotes undergraduate research across the country. Journals are listed in alphabetic order and include a description.

Directory of Open Access Journals
Not undergraduate journals exclusively, but you may find journals here that publish undergraduate work.

Undergraduate Research Commons
A thorough, searchable site, which showcases student publications at other institutions and conference presentations that can identify relevant undergraduate research conferences.

Holy Cross Academic Publications and Journals

fósforo, a bilingual journal of literature, art and ideas, addresses poetry, narrative, drama, and essay, as well as photography, painting, and visual arts, which reflect an interest in Spanish and the range of Hispanic and Latino cultures. Submissions are accepted in both Spanish and English from all members of the campus community, including students, faculty and staff.

Interfaces is a bilingual illustrated journal focusing on the dividing line — the “interface” — between language and the image, two means of expression different and yet inseparable. This interface was displaced when the cinema made the image move, then speak, thus making time its medium and creating a new type of discourse. But the old interface between language and the static image still remains and its power is enhanced by modern technology.

The Purple 
The Purple is a literary magazine written, edited and published by Holy Cross students to provide a showcase for critical and creative writing. The magazine is published once or twice a year and is comprised of poetry, short stories, critical essays, photographs and artwork.

Student Publication Assistance

Another resource for publication assistance is the Holy Cross Libraries’  Resource Guide. Here you will find specific guidelines related to copyright, author’s rights, and how to evaluate and select a journal.

Also be sure to check out Research Guides for information on copyright, authors’ rights and predatory publishers

Student Work 

Holy Cross students publish in a variety of journals every year. Take a look at the what our students have been producing recently. 

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Submit to CrossWorks

Once you have published, you should also consider submitting your research to CrossWorks, Holy Cross’ online institutional repository. This may be independent of or in conjunction with journal publications. The collection of student work represents a wide array of academic disciplines and includes:

By submitting your work to CrossWorks, you get a permanent URL which you can use to share your work with colleagues, friends, and future employers. CrossWorks also enables your work to be found through online sources, which can significantly increase the impact of your work. CrossWorks items are read around the world, and help our students, faculty, and alumni connect with interested researchers. 

The digital scholarship librarian can advise you about copyright implications and access options for your article, such as posting only an abstract or embargoing the article until a certain date, if for some reason it cannot immediately be made publicly available.

If you are interested in submitting your work for publication in CrossWorks, contact

Report Your Publication

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