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LSAT Information

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is currently offered four times each year usually in early October, early December, mid February and mid June. The specific testing dates and the cost for the current year LSAT exam can be found at Law Services Admissions Council.

The LSAT exam score and academic record earned by each applicant are clearly the main criteria for law school admission and for that reason, the LSAT should not be taken lightly. Applicants should be adequately prepared for the exam. Plan to prepare and take the LSAT once, since most schools average multiple scores, unlike the SATs where many schools use the highest score. Prep courses are fairly expensive ($600-$900 for a live course), however they appear more reasonable when you spread these costs over your lifetime earnings as an attorney. If you can earn 5-8 more points on the LSAT it may have a huge effect on the law school you will be accepted at. The school you attend will likely have a big effect on your starting salary upon graduation.

Registering for the LSAT:

If you plan to register for the LSAT by mail, registration materials are available in the racks outside of my office in Stein Hall 501 or in the racks in the Career Planning Office in the Hogan Center. Once the registration forms are completed, mail them in with the required fees. If you wish to register via the internet, contact Law Services Admissions Counsel.

You can register for LSDAS at the same time if you wish. LSDAS is short for the Law School Data Assembly Service, a service provided to the law schools by LSAC. Essentially, you forward an official copy of your transcript from the Holy Cross Registrars Office to LSDAS, where it is analyzed and evaluated. Your GPA is then recomputed with rules that make transcripts and GPA calculations consistent from school to school (quarters/trimesters/semesters: different value scales are brought in line with 4.0, etc.) My understanding is that they count all course work in the LSDAS GPA except 4 types; they exclude physical education grades, ROTC grades, performance art courses (pottery, oil painting) and performance music (choir, learning to play the guitar). All other courses count in the LSDAS GPA. Note that although Holy Cross may not include Junior Year Abroad or summer school grades in your grade point average, LSDAS does.

National Test Preparation Programs:

Stanley Kaplan LSAT Preparation

Princeton Review LSAT Preparation

TestSherpa Free LSAT Prep