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Learn more about the law profession, improve your oral advocacy skills and take part in our award-winning trial teams. These opportunities provide you with meaningful experiences that appeal to the nation’s top law schools. 

At Holy Cross, students register with the prelaw office and by doing so, are informed of college-sponsored field trips, law fairs, attorney speakers and other events that are part of the program. We want our students to know what lawyers really do before they make a three-year investment in a legal education.

Not only do these activities provide students the opportunity to see if they have an aptitude for doing law-related work, but it gives them a chance to see if they find it interesting — do they like engaging in this type of activity?

Annual Law Forum

Students are invited (and we provide a bus) to attend the annual Law Forum in Boston, where more than 100 law school admission representatives are present to meet prospective law students and distribute their promotional and other admission materials.


The Prelaw Advisor organizes a wide range of speakers, usually alumni, who return to Holy Cross to speak to our students about their careers and law school experience. We also have a law professor visit the College to conduct a law class at Holy Cross, and answer questions generated by the students who attend.

St. Thomas More Pre-Legal Society

The St. Thomas More Pre-Legal Society is an organization of students considering law as a career. The society suggests and presents several events a year, often including film and discussion sessions.

Trial Teams

Through participation in our award-winning moot court, mock trial and mediation teams, students have the ability to put their critical thinking and oral communication skills into action, gaining valuable “practice” experience in analyzing cases, presenting arguments, and examining witnesses.

Participation in Moot Court and Mock Trial is not limited to students interested in law school; successful team members represent a wide variety of majors and interests, and the skills that are developed through this experience are valuable for today’s professionals in any career.

Visit the trial teams website.