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Committee application materials

Required materials for a committee review for medical, dental and veterinary school

Materials required if you were already reviewed by the committee

The Health Professions Advising Committee seeks to provide applicants with the best possible feedback on their readiness to apply to graduate programs as well as the best possible letters of recommendation.  As a result, we require you to submit the following items in the formats described below:

**Please ensure that you have completed the steps to request a Health Professions advisor found in key/important documents section in OCTOBER.**

  1. A cover sheet with your name, contact information, target type of health professional school (MD, DMD, etc) and recent picture (COLOR head shot) of yourself.  Make sure the picture is professional-looking.  You do not have to hire a professional photographer but please don’t send in a group party picture with other people cropped out, for example.

  2. A list of all the courses you have taken at Holy Cross and elsewhere plus the teachers and grades in these courses, organized by semester.  Indicate which professors you asked for recommendation letters.  Also on this sheet report all standardized test and entrance exam scores you have taken, e.g.  SAT, ACT, MCAT, DAT etc. (but not AP, SATII, IB, etc.).  We will use this for advising purposes only, and not to rate you.  We will not share this information with any institutions you apply to.

  3. An optional academic notation sheet on which you discuss any grades which you feel need to be explained.   Use this to tell us about extraordinary circumstances, e.g. illness, family tragedy, etc. that impacted your ability to perform well in classes.

  4. A separate sheet listing your extracurricular activities in college, post-college and high school.  Please organize this by labeled categories:  clinical experience, research experience, volunteer work, other activities, and other professional (work) experience.  Indicate the number of hours per week that you have worked or participated and if appropriate who you worked with.  Provide a brief (one sentence) description of your involvement and indicate if you solicited a reference letter.  For up to four of the experiences that are most meaningful to you, you may provide a short paragraph explaining why it was important to you.  Here is an example of what we are looking for (PDF).

  5. A personal statement of approximately 7 pages in length in which you introduce yourself to the committee and explain why you are interested in a career in the health professions.  Use this to reflect on the important experiences of your life so we understand why you are considering a career in a health profession at this point.  You do not have to tell your whole life story.

  6. If needed, also supply a sheet that explains how you took a medical school requirement in a non-standard way, for example, meeting the English requirement in a non-English Department course, or biochemistry by working in a lab.  Use this form.

  7. Official copies of transcripts for courses taken away from Holy Cross that do not appear on your Holy Cross transcript.

  8. A copy of your most recent unofficial Holy Cross transcript.


Email a .pdf copy of materials 1-6 in that order to ( along with SEPARATE (non-secured) .pdf files of the transcripts you will be submitting (If the transcript was requested to be sent to HC, it will be scanned and added to your file for you).  The deadline to submit these items to guarantee a review by the committee is February 16th.  A PDF of the list of required materials is available.


Recommendation letters

For a committee review you must have at least the following letters completed in your file:

  1. A professor from your major department with whom who completed at least one class
  2. A professor from a laboratory science course outside of your major with whom you completed at least one class
  3. A third letter from a professor, coach, advisor, mentor or supervisor who can review your academic, volunteer or professional activities.  They should be able to comment critically on your personality, character and motivation

While we require a minimum of three letters to review a file, more letters are helpful for a review, and we need additional letters to write a strong composite committee letter to your health professional school.  We encourage you to solicit at least five letters from various people who have seen you in different environments before the winter holidays.  Letters from your humanities classes are extremely helpful.  Ask for at least three of the letters of recommendation to be submitted by February 15th.  However, we will accept additional letters after that date.  You may also solicit letters anytime in the spring or summer to comment on courses or activities during that time.  While these letters may not be used in your review, they will be useful in your committee letter. 

  • Please click here for directions on how to request the letters via the new electronic waiver form system which can also be emailed to you (This is imperative if you want to see the status of when the letters are received and added to your file)
  • ​Please use this excel template for setup.     If you request more letters, please be dilligent to add to your spreadsheet.  It is not the Health Professions office's responsibility to update the letter writers, only the date that it arrives.  If a letter is incomplete, it will be noted there and you can follow up with the letter writer.  Email your spreadsheet to

Please note:  The letters of recommendation are required to be on 1. LETTERHEAD, 2. DATED, and 3. SIGNED BY the sender, otherwise they are not acceptable and will be returned for updates - Please be clear with the letter writers as to what is required because ultimately incomplete letters will delay your file.

It is your responsibility to check your google spreadsheet on the status of your letters.  Please do not make multiple phone calls and emails to the office for statuses.  If it is not updated on your spreadsheet, please follow up with the letter writer first.  If they state they sent it and received confirmation, please allow at least a week for it to be processed.

Recommendation Letter FAQ can be found by clicking here.



All (on and off-campus) letters should be sent to in .pdf form.  

For those seeking a second or subsequent review

**Please ensure that you have completed the steps to request a Health Professions advisor found in key/important documents section in OCTOBER.**

If you have been previously reviewed by the committee and want to be reviewed again, do not submit your original packet, and only updated information; we have the information you submitted in the past.  Instead, please provide the following updates to the items 1-7 listed on the previous page:

  1. Provide updated cover sheet; see item 1 above.  Mark “addendum” and provide the date.
  2. A list of all the courses you have taken since your last review, plus the teachers and grades in these courses, organized by semester.  Indicate which professors you asked for recommendation letters and the institutions where you took the courses.  Also on this sheet report all entrance exam scores you have taken as in item 2 above.
  3. Optional short academic notation sheet as in item 3 above.
  4. An addendum to the list of activities as described in item 4 above.  List any new activities (and report activities you have continued) in the format described in 4 above.
  5. An update and reflection on what you have done since your last review.  This should be short, 2-3 pages at most. Use your statement to reflect on the important experiences since you were last reviewed and how these experiences have impacted your decision to apply to a health professional school or have helped you grow.  Do not submit your original personal statement/autobiography.
  6. Official copies of transcripts for new courses taken away from Holy Cross.
  7. Your most recent unofficial Holy Cross transcript.

Submit the items in .pdf file to Ms. Kirkorian as described above indicating reapplication.  The deadline to submit these items to guarantee a review by the committee is February 15th.  However, if you have applications pending at schools and are concerned you will not be admitted this cycle, you will need to submit these documents by May 1 to gain a committee letter in the next cycle.

You should also solicit at least one new letter of recommendation (sent to the Health Professions Advising Office as above), as we are reluctant to review your file again without a new letter.  If for some reason you cannot obtain a new letter, please speak to your advisor.  We will not change our rating without substantial new information, including letters.

Allied health professional school ONLY
(PA, NP, PT, DPharm, post-baccalaureate programs, etc.)

There have been important changes in application to these programs in recent years that necessitate us changing our review process.  Specifically, these programs generally do not seek or even accept committee letters or our committee ratings.  They have their own letter formats and ratings systems and usually require 3 letters sent from separate (original) addresses.  In addition, application deadlines vary widely, and sometimes fall before the committee has a chance to review files.  As a result, it simply doesn’t make sense to have a full committee review for most allied health programs.  However, if you are considering medical, dental or veterinary school in addition to an allied health field we want to support you and help you as much as possible.  Make an appointment to see one of the advisors by calling 508/793-2533 or stop by Stein 129A.