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Health Professions Advisors and Health Professions Advising Committee

The Health Professions Advising Office consists of a committee of eight full-time faculty members from a variety of disciplines, four alumni clinical advisors, and an administrative assistant.

Professor Miles Cahill, health professions advisor and chair of the committee, has served on the Health Professions Advising Committee since 1998. Prof. Cahill teaches in the Department of Economics and Accounting. Professor Jumi Hayaki, Ph.D., the associate health professions advisor, serves on the committee and focuses on advising students in their first years at the college as they formulate their academic plans. Prof. Hayaki teaches in the Department of Psychology.

The other six faculty members represent a variety of departments, including sciences, social sciences and humanities. The clinical advisors include two physicians (MD and DO), a physician assistant and nurse practitioner. The administrative assistant is the primary contact for the office and can answer many questions and direct callers to the appropriate resource.

Note for International Students

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult for a non-permanent U.S. resident to gain entry into a U.S. medical school. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) reports that in 2014 only 0.6% of the incoming class of medical students had a legal residency outside the U.S. With so many U.S. applicants and so few medical school and residency spots, foreign nationals are at a serious disadvantage given the time and expense needed to comply with U.S. immigration laws. International students are ineligible for federal financial aid and therefore must rely on the few medical schools with the internal resources to fund them. The few schools that do accept international students often require them to place 1-4 years of tuition and fees in escrow prior to enrollment.  


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