Academic Preparation

Make the most of the academic and advising resources at Holy Cross.

Professor and a student in a lab

This section will help you consider different paths to medical school, and as a general guide to course selection. This advice is centered around medical school applicants, as this is the goal of the majority of incoming health professions students. However, the general advice holds for other health professions. Guidelines for requirements for other health professions is also available.

Because requirements for other health professions programs are generally not standardized, you will have to research individual health professions schools to determine the requirements for your target programs; an advisor can help you craft an academic program to pursue your goals. Be aware that Holy Cross may not offer all the courses you need, and you may have to take courses at another college through the consortium of Worcester-area colleges (called HECCMA) or in the summer or after graduation.

Students interested in enrolling in the health professions advising system should email the administrative assistant. If you indicated interest in health professions advising in your Gateways survey, you are automatically enrolled.