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Awards and Prizes

Every year, students who excel in their studies of German receive book prizes and certificates of merits from the German government.

In May at our annual Maifest, all qualified students are inducted into the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha. 

Since Delta Phi Alpha began awarding grants for students accepted into Study Abroad programs in 2017, three German majors have received these stipends.

Also, consider DAAD supported intensive language studies during the summer, in 2017 one student received a grant to work language skills for four weeks in Munich. Sophomores or upper level students who have completed at least GERM 101/2 can apply.

In the past, 37 graduating seniors have been granted Fulbright English Teaching Fellowships in Germany or Fulbright English Teaching Fellowships in Austria and even a Fulbright Research Fellowship or a DAAD Fellowship to pursue post-BA research projects.

In recent years, several Holy Cross graduates have enrolled in Master Programs (offered in English) at German universities to enhance their language skills and their careeer options.