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After Graduation

The German Studies major and minor, especially when combined with other major programs, can set students up for success in careers, graduate school admission and national fellowship programs. 

Access to information about postgraduate scholarships and graduate programs at appropriate academic and professional schools is readily available through the Office of Distinguished Fellowships and Graduate Studies. The Center for Career Development offers a variety of suggestions for more immediate opportunities after graduation.

Awards and Fellowships

German Studies students have several opportunities to continue their study of German abroad. 

Thirty-seven Holy Cross students have been granted Fulbright English Teaching Fellowships in Germany, Fulbright English Teaching Fellowships in Austria, Fulbright Research Fellowship or a DAAD Fellowship to pursue post-baccalaureate research projects.

In recent years, several Holy Cross graduates have enrolled in Master Programs (offered in English) at German universities to enhance their language skills and their career options. 

Holy Cross Fulbright Recipients

  • Michael Melch '20, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • MacKenzie Swain '20, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • William Griffin '19, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Clare MacMillan '19, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Timothy Konola '15, Teaching Assistant in Austria (applied one year after graduation)
  • Derek Grabhorn '15, Teaching Assistant in Austria (declined the offer)
  • Heidi Grek '12, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Herma Gjinko '11, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Thomas McGlynn '11, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Kim Makuch '09, Teaching Assistant in Austria
  • Benjamin Rayder '09, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Robert Dudley '08, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • James Corbett '08, Teaching Assistant in Austria
  • Victoria Rodrigue '07, Fellowship to study at the University Vienna
  • Amy Atkocius '04, Fellowship to study at the Humboldt University, Berlin
  • Rene Chachakis '04, Teaching Assistant in Germany
  • Carly Fowler '05, Fellowship to study at the University of Vienna
  • Christian Mariano '04, Teaching Assistant in Austria