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About Economics


Why Study Economics at Holy Cross?

The economics department at Holy Cross is an integral part of a liberal arts education. Whether students choose to explore the wide variety of topics offered by the major in economics or simply take a few courses to augment other fields of study, they are taught the benefits of understanding the theories of economics and how they can be used to interpret current or historical events. Professors are active professionally and are engaged in high quality economic research programs which include Holy Cross students. The program is well respected by employers who recruit regularly on campus; and students are prepared for a wide range of careers, including consulting, finance, law, health care and government.



Summer Research Program

The summer research program helps students to develop valuable skills and leads to student/faulty collaboration and publications. The program runs for nine weeks during the months of June and July. Students receive a stipend of $400 per week, a small research budget, funds toward professional conference travel, and campus housing. In addition to working closely with a faculty member on a research project, the research fellows also participate in many department-sponsored educational and social events. 





Honors Program

An excellent opportunity for faculty-student collaboration is offered by the department Honors Program. This program offers a special opportunity for students to conduct independent research on topics of their own choosing under the guidance of faculty advisors. Each student presents a final paper in a public forum in the spring of the senior year.



Alumni Success

Students enter a wide-range of fields after graduating, including careers in the consulting, banking and insurance industries, as well as careers in law, journalism, teaching, educational administration, politics, finance, government service, public and private overseas service, and labor leadership. Economics majors with strong math backgrounds are encouraged to apply to top graduate programs in economics, business and related fields. In recent years, Holy Cross economics students have entered graduate programs at leading institutions across the country.





Admissions Process

Students can be signed into the major by the department chair after showing evidence that they have completed or are enrolled in an economics class at the college. First year students cannot be signed in until their second semester at the college. Students must be signed in by the fall of their third year. All students who wish to major in economics must have completed ECON 199 or ECON 111 and ECON 112, and Calculus 1 by the end of their second year.