Leadership Development

Students at large, as well as specific student groups, require assistance in charting their course – in developing their leadership potential. Workshops, leadership trainings, conferences, and consultation offered by OSI are means to this end.

Student Leadership Positions

Hundreds of leadership positions and/or internships are offered through the Office of Student Involvement. Students are encouraged to seek out leadership positions through searching groups available on myHC.

RSO Training

RSO training is held at the start of each academic semester for Recognized Student Organization (RSO) officers. The focus is “positional leadership”: what you need to know to make the most of your leadership position. Session content includes navigating your leadership role at Holy Cross, decision making, delegation and motivation, how to run a meeting, planning an event from start to finish, and how to balance a budget. Student leaders invited to these training sessions will be contacted by the Office of Student Involvement.

Strengths-Based Leadership

At Holy Cross, we focus on your strengths so that you can be intentional about investing in your natural abilities to serve your communities on and off campus. The Office of Student Involvement offers leadership trainings using the internationally recognized Gallup® CliftonStrengths. This leadership assessment will help you understand how you work, what you value, where you excel, and who you are becoming. Students who take the CliftonStrengths assessment receive personalized reports that improve understanding of their talents and how to apply these talents in an engaged and thriving life. To take the CliftonStrengths assessment or to inquire about a strengths-based leadership training session, please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

Voter Registration and Education

Participating in dialogue about basic human questions, called for by the College’s Mission Statement, involves participating in the political process. OSI, in conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA) and Students Promoting Expression Empathy and Civic Harmony (SPEECH) Peer Educators, encourages students 18 years of age and older to register and to vote. Educational resources and events happen each year to encourage students voter registration.


Professional staff are also available for individual and group consultation. Whether students are discerning their next leadership position or planning a retreat for their organization, OSI has ideas and access to resources.