Gateways Orientation

The first few weeks of college are exciting, joyous and memorable — but they also have the potential to be stressful. The Office of Student Involvement assists incoming students with their transition to college life at Holy Cross through a series of nationally recognized orientation programs. Over the course of the programs, you will experience the residential and academic environment on campus, gain a greater appreciation for the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the College, learn about educational opportunities and responsibilities, and begin to build friendships with your classmates.

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Gateways Orientation involves the collaboration of student leaders, faculty and staff members, who provide authentic insight into what you should expect of your Holy Cross experience.

  • Gateways Summer Orientation is open to all first-year students and their families. Faculty and staff members conduct workshops, lead discussions, answer questions and give you and your families an inside look at the academic, cocurricular and spiritual aspects of life at the College of the Holy Cross.  Orientation leaders facilitate group activities and share about their own unique experiences to allow you to understand what you can expect in your time at Holy Cross. Parents and family members (guardians) are invited to participate in the family orientation program to understand how to support your student through the college transition and how the College partners with you to support your student’s holistic education.
  • Gateways Fall Orientation picks up where the summer orientation leaves off, with a greater emphasis on the residential aspect of your college experience and settling into campus. This multi day program extends from move-in day to the first day of classes, during which time orientation leaders welcome you and your classmates and help you to gain a sense of familiarity at Holy Cross to prepare you for a successful first semester inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Gateways International Students Orientation  is a special program for first-year international students to assist in the transition to college life in the United States. This program is offered free of charge and takes place the week prior to fall orientation.  In addition to introducing them to residential and academic life at Holy Cross, this program helps with important personal matters including the opportunity to set up a U.S. bank account, purchasing personal items, and understanding U.S. immigration requirements.  This program is strongly recommended for all first-year international students.
  • Gateways Transfer Student Orientation is a multi-day program for transfer students to meet classmates, meet faculty and staff, and become better acquainted with life at Holy Cross. Orientation Leaders will guide you through a variety of sessions and activities which are planned specifically for transfer students. 
  • There are additional transition programs offered to new students which includes Odyssey from the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Passport from Academic Services and Learning Resources 


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