ITS Strategic Directions 2017-2025

Educational Technology

  • Aligned with College’s strategic priorities
  • Help explore ways to blend tradition and innovation in our distinctive way of education.
  • ITS will: 
    • Promote experimentation and innovation, working in collaboration with our faculty
    • Develop means to assess effectiveness
    • Deepen and extend our partnership with the library
    • Be in constant conversation with faculty


  • Importance of data is increasing
  • Issues:  quantity of data, skills gap, cultural lag in recognizing value of data in informing decisions
  • ITS will:
    • Collaborate with administrative offices and governance committees to develop business intelligence strategy
    • Lead the transition from the PeopleSoft ERP to one suited to meet data-handling needs for next decade
    • Explore use of unstructured and minimally structured data, such as from social media


  • Threats to information security continue to grow in variety and severity
  • Holy Cross uses a “Defense in Depth” approach that includes multi-layered approaches, such as technical and campus community participation.
  • Extends to risk management and mitigation
  • ITS will:
    • Continue vigorously proactive approach to information security
    • Evolve technical infrastructure as needed
    • Advise and assist with compliance
    • Provide expert diagnostic and remedial services in event of breach

Innovation Leadership/Technology Innovation

  • Innovations might appear anywhere in the life of the College.
  • ITS will:
    • Learn and change in its own engagement with technology
    • Anticipate advances in artificial intelligence, cloud-sourced computational and storage capabilities, and multi-factor authentication
    • Support faculty experimentation and partner with campus innovators