Employee Listing


ITS Employees

Shettler, David Chief Information Officer
Acheampong, Adwoa Information Security Risk Management & Compliance Lead
Alatalo, Thomas L2 Service Analyst
Banville, David Learning Design Manager
Baxter, Erica Data Architecture Lead
Bergeron, Brian ERP Manager
Bissell, Nathan Full-Stack Web Developer
Blair, Jamie Director of Infrastructure Operations
Brand, Jessica Learning Design Specialist
Brea, Keny Senior Systems Engineer & Academic Relationship Manager
Brooks, Tori Project Management Lead
Buckingham, John Classroom & A/V Analyst
Buecheler, Chris Applications Manager
Bytyqi, Leonita Customer Service Manager
Cahill, Jim Director of Educational Technology
Castillo, Emily Junior Web Developer
Chuplis, Tricia Academic Relationship Manager
Copple, David M. Applications Administrator
Dutra, Tiago Junior Web Developer
Ethier, Jacob Senior Relationship Manager, Financial Systems
Fisette, Katie IT Training Lead
Fitzgerald, Nannette L2 Service Analyst
Forgit, Andrew Classroom & A/V Analyst
Fradsham, Tammy Administrative Assistant
Gilmore, Jennifer Technology Asset Manager
Gonzalez, Charlie ERP Systems Specialist - Finance
Gorham, Jonathan Director of Strategy Planning & Operations
Henry, Robert  Senior Web Developer
Holmes, Tim Chief Information Security Officer
Hunt, Holly Classroom & A/V Analyst
Jeskey, Lorrie Identity & Access Management Lead
Joslin-Allen, Charlie Senior Project Management Analyst
Kaloyanides, Ian Digital Media Manager
Lent, Richard Learning Design Specialist
Mahmood, Shahidul Senior Data Analyst 
Mailhot, Andre Senior Application Administrator
McCarron, Eileen IT Sourcing Lead
McGill, Samantha Director of Data Architecture
McLeod, Mary Digital Media Analyst
Mentzer, Timothy Director of Application Services
Obrycki, Nicholas L1 Service Analyst
Piarulli, Luigi Classroom & A/V Analyst
Pitre, Tim Network Engineer
Potter, Robert ERP Systems Administrator
Ramjohn, Sherwin L1 Service Analyst
Rayne, Paul Classroom & A/V Manager
Rodenhiser, Greg Information Security Design & Engineering Lead
Rumao, Stevina Data Analyst
Shen, June Database, Server, Storage Analyst
Smith, Ben Relationship Manager, Operations
Sullivan, Brian Network Services Manager
Teall, Jennifer Lead Endpoint Services Specialist
Thayer, Charles ERP Systems Administrator 
Toney, Brett Data Center Operations & Disaster Recovery Lead
VanGieson, Ben Relationship Manager, Student Systems
Villavicencio, Cyd Junior Web Developer

ITS Organizational Chart 2024