Copier Management Program

The Copier Management program at Holy Cross provides departments the most cost-effective way to acquire a Multi-Function Device (or MFD, Copier-Printer-Scanner-Fax) and exercises sound fiscal management of resources to ensure timely placement and replacement of equipment within budget capabilities. The Copier Management Program eliminates the need for individual departments to research and compare pricing, functionality, quality, service and maintenance. The cost of these devices is built into the per-page prices recovered when departments are billed for printer services used. A department is charged a predetermined per copy fee. There are no additional charges. Service, support, repair, parts and toner are included in the per copy cost. Paper, however, is not included.

Requests for Equipment

When a department requires a new printer or MDF, or the replacement of an existing device, the department chair or department administrator should submit a request through the ITS Help Desk system via an email to, detailing the requested equipment or equipment to be replaced and location. Requests can be made for copiers, both color and black & white, copiers with faxing capabilities, FAX machines and laser printers. ITS and Graphic Arts (GA) will choose equipment based on current service contracts and a competitive bidding processes.

When applicable and based on availability, a loaner copier may be deployed in the event that a department’s copier/printer has experienced functional failure preventing its use for some or all of its features. This loaner will be used until a permanent replacement is budgeted and deployed.

Approval Process

ITS and GA will evaluate equipment requests to determine whether the placement or replacement of a print device is warranted. The criteria for evaluation includes: type and location of equipment, print volume, confidentiality needs, and other business needs. If the request is approved, ITS and GA will arrange for the purchase and the delivery of equipment and will be responsible for all costs and maintenance agreements. If the request is denied, ITS and GA will contact the requesting department to provide reasons for denial. Appeals can be forwarded to the Vice President of Administration and Finance, who will make a final decision. It is the expectation that a department requesting a printer will remove from service another comparable device. The funding model for MFDs is based on removing outdated equipment from the deployed inventory.

The College centrally manages printing equipment procurement, service, and supplies. Campus-wide print device management is the responsibility of the Manager of Graphic Arts and the Technology Support Director in Information Technology Services. They work in coordination to assure efficient and effective use of printers and copiers.


Effective Date: February 2019