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Design Services

The Graphic Arts department combines technical skills and creative energy to produce top-quality graphic design to meet your communication objectives. With our expertise, we can ensure that your product complies with the Holy Cross branding guidelines, turning your design idea into reality.

When you are ready to start your project, fill out a requisition form and e-mail final copy, photos, and graphics to Feel free to discuss your project with us.

Your manuscript should be as accurate and complete as possible. Do not format electronic copy except for embedded bold and italic text. Check spelling before submitting the electronic document. Give us only the files relevant to the job and please submit all text in one file.

We will get you a proof of your work as soon as possible, either in hard copy form or electronically as a pdf.

When revising an existing publication, if the changes are relatively minor, you can make them directly on a clean copy of your printed publication and submit that to Graphic Arts as your manuscript. If the changes are more complex, submit new copy electronically following the guidelines outlined above.