Jesu-what? A Primer on Today's Jesuit Mission

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“Through a dynamic expression of today’s Jesuit mission, we will lead Holy Cross to realize its full potential as one of the finest liberal arts institutions in the world.” – Vincent D. Rougeau

Open to all faculty and staff, Jesu-what? offers an introduction (or a refresher) for those wishing to know more about the foundations and contemporary vision of Jesuit education at Holy Cross. What does it mean for the College to be part of this educational tradition, and how might it shape how we understand our contributions to the College’s mission?
Offered each semester, Jesu-what? gathers a cohort of colleagues for three sessions. Lunch and reading materials will be provided, with each meeting focusing on a particular theme:  
Session 1: From Ignatian Spirituality to Jesuit Education
Jesuits never planned to start schools, but quickly learned that their spiritual vision fully aligned with the pursuit of academic excellence and the desire to help form responsible citizens and leaders. This session sketches how Ignatius’s spirituality came to shape both how and why Jesuits founded schools.
Session 2: Characteristics of Jesuit Higher Education Today
Though rooted in tradition, Jesuit education seeks to respond to the most pressing needs of contemporary society. This session will discuss seven key characteristics of today’s Jesuit education, paying particular attention to the integration of faith, justice, and reconciliation in our time.
Session 3: The Holy Cross Mission Today and Tomorrow
Holy Cross has a unique place in Jesuit higher education. In this concluding session, we will consider the College’s Mission Statement, asking two questions: how do my work and personal gifts find a home in its vision? And how do our collective efforts align with the priorities named for Jesuit works around the globe (to journey with youth in creating a hope-filled future, to walk with the excluded, to care for our Common Home, and to show the way go God)?

If you would like to participate, or would like more information? Please feel free to contact mission [at] holycross [dot] edu.