Campus Colleagues Program

Open to all faculty and staff, the Campus Colleagues Program is an opportunity for participants to deepen their connections with each other and rootedness in a shared mission at Holy Cross. Bringing together a small group of individuals (maximum of 12) from across the College, this initiative seeks to build community through conversation and to foster a sense of unity and cohesion across the campus.

The cohort will gather for four sessions this year. Pandemic permitting, the opening and concluding meetings will be hosted at the Joyce Contemplative Center, while the remaining sessions will be hosted on campus and over lunch (meals included). All sessions are organized around a particular question for reflection and discussion.


         How Did I Get Here: Many journeys have led each of us to our current work. What was my path to Mt. St. James? Who were some of the key figures or mentors who shaped or inspired my professional trajectory?


         What Energizes Me Most About My Mission at Holy Cross?: It is important to stay grounded to what is most life-giving and meaningful about our work. In my current work, for what am I most grateful? Where do I find purpose?


         What Are Some of the Challenges I Face in Living My Mission?: There are often obstacles to feeling fully engaged and satisfied in our work. What are some of the “shadows” I confront in my work at Holy Cross? How have I addressed these in the past, and what has helped me to remain grounded in a sense of mission despite these difficulties?


         How Do We Go Forward – Together?: We seek community and connection, even in a time of polarization and division. What fills me with hope? Who are my current companions in mission? How do my professional and personal desires lead me to deeper connection with the various communities to which I belong?