Eco-Action is lead by a focused group of motivated individuals. We work together to promote sustainability on our campus.  We hope you join our membership!


E-Board Members

Erin Dennehy '19

Majors: Environmental Studies & Sociology
Spirit Animal: Those fainting goats.
Patronus: Dragonfly (apparently).
Skills: Debating politics, losing at board games, harvesting cabbages with a machete
Fun Fact: I am actually a surprisingly good shot. Give me anything to throw in a trash can from across the room--I'll make it 73% of the time. I'm also great at corn hole.
Areas of Expertise (in no particular order): Peanut butter production, sewage 





Renee LeBlanc '21

Salutations Earthlings! My name is Renee LeBlanc. I collect old National Geographic magazines and enjoy long walks in the woods.  
Majors: Environmental Studies & Political Science. 
Foods: I can eat by the ton: Chocolate covered frozen bananas, frozen grapes (along with other frozen fruits), bread, and cheese. 
Skills: Jump really high, make atroucious, faces that makes even my Mom look away, climb walls with rocks, play volleyball, braid hair,  singing Hamilton even though I am a terrible singer you can always count on me for a sing along, petting any dogs that are within sight.
Why I joined Eco-Action: I wanted to work with other passionate students on sustainability on campus.  Working hard to change the culture and future of Holy Cross.






Jared '19

Why I joined Eco-Action:  I wanted to support a friend (who has since graduated), but after attending a few meetings I become compelled to investigate into the betterment of our campus, our country, and our world -- there is so much that we CAN do, but don't (out of sheer laziness, greed, or disunity). Thankfully (and surprisingly) I am entering my last senior semester in the Spring; a bitter but sweet thought.
Major:  Psychology (neuroscience heavy) with a minor in Computer Science.  
Skills: Just became certified/licensed as an EMT, but please just call 9-1-1 and don't ask me to do anything... and if you're having a baby, I am not your guy.
Fun Facts: My greatest goal in life is to become a husband and a father, but also to have ensured those whom I love know they are loved.
I play percussion (mallets and set), like to overwhelm my stuff with activities so I don't spend money on stupid shit, or get into some stupid trouble because I am bored (and studying stinks)... I enjoy LEGOs, video games, family parties, movie marathons with my dad, Cape Cod, golf, hockey, and more! I aspire to travel in space (not likely).




Surbhi Daryani '20 (studying abroad)

My name is Surbhi Daryani and I joined Eco-Action to address issues of composting on campus and learn of ways to support sustainability. I am a junior Biology and Anthropology double major while also being on the pre-med track. One of the most pressing environmental issues that I find most important is reducing single use plastic. Plastic causes harm to both human ecosystems and ocean life and I would help reduce the amount wasted and educate others about the issue.
Also fun fact - I can speak four languages and will be studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia in Spring 2019!



Nicholas Chouair 

Major: History/Pre-Health
Class Year: 2019
Skills: Reading quickly, some knowledge in military history, fastest ice cream eater this side of the Blackstone River.
Fun Fact: Has never been further West than Ithaca, NY.
Why I joined: Holy Cross is well behind most other colleges when it comes to environmental sustainability. That is aside from the fact that it is important to reduce the environmental impact that we as a community have on the world. I figured the best thing to do is join the club and help out in any way that I could. 



Social Media Director

Kristen Qako '21

Math Computer Science double major
Most concerning topics: Conservation of Ecosystems and Decreasing human pollution
The reason I joined: Well I really don’t like how harmful we are to animals and their environment. I know it’s not something we directly focus on, but I habitat conservation is a major concern for me.
fun fact: I’m an Aries, I basically have the best memes anyone can look for, and uhhh…



Michelle Hu '19

Year: 2019
Major: Religious Studies & German
Fun fact: I love backpacking and photography!
Environmental issue: I used to do some environment-related service in high school, but after taking a class in German environmentalism, I really started to realize how much damage we have caused. I got interested in resisting "fast fashion" (trend of buying clothes and discard them quickly causing a lot of waste) and started taking actions - I stopped buying new clothes but only bought second-handed vintage clothes. A large part of pop culture is responsible for this prevalent pursuit of these cultural trends, so it is hard to change the culture by one person, but I still hope my own actions can at least result in some changes in the community to improve the awareness of sustainability.