Event Planning Interns (20 hrs/yr)

Passionate about a particular project or campaign? Plan events of your choice for Eco-Action! Learn how to book rooms, utilize OSI resources, find funding, mobilize volunteers, and build key leadership skills! All interns will become Environmental Leadership Certified--a program Eco-Action is launching later this year! Fun workshops and speakers (and maybe a few outings!) will be tailored for interns only! No experience necessary.


Social Media Interns (20 hrs/yr)

Are you tech-savvy? Enjoy connecting with others through the power of social media? Eco-Action is revamping its media presence with Instagram and Facebook, including monthly giveaways to encourage engagement, posting regular content, and creating original material! We will also be writing content for our new website & monthly newsletter! If you're a social media wizard, this is the position for you! Familiarity with Instagram and Facebook is preferred, though no formal social media experience necessary to apply.


Graphic Arts Interns (20 hrs/yr)

Enjoy making and designing websites? Posters? Graphics? Our Graphic Arts internships are for those of you who are passionate about conveying messages through digital design! Eco-Action has a new online platform via Moodle, as well as a desire to create a monthly newsletter (and an urgent need for posters and graphics to advertise our events!). If any or all of these projects sound like fun, feel free to apply! No formal digital design experience is necessary--skills in drawing, painting, and/or digital arts would suffice!


Film Interns (20 hrs/yr)

Enjoy filming and editing videos? Eco-Action is hoping to release some short videos to educate students about environmental issues on campus! Experience with filming or video editing necessary, though no formal film experience is required.


Research Interns (20 hrs/yr)

Eco-Action is planning a lot of campaigns, but we need your help! Research interns will help create proposals for campaigns by researching content, such as those related to composting, recycling, green funds, carbon-offsets, and more! The more informed we are about what other schools are doing and what the facts are about each issue, the more compelling our proposals can be! An interest in social science research is a plus. All interns will become CITI certified and receive a crash course on conducting social science research. You will also have a student and faculty advisor to help you along the way!