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LGBTQIA Resources


Amie Archambault

Amie Archambault 

Assistant Director – LGBTQ Specialist
Office of Multicultural Education

Phone: 508-793-2669
Office: Hogan 109  Box: 13A


The Office of Multicultural Education welcomes the diversity of our students and recognizes the many identities, experiences, and stories students bring, which serve to further enhance the richness of our campus life. We hope that students find Holy Cross to be a campus community where they feel a sense of belonging, acceptance, and fulfillment. The office helps students find connections, resources, and opportunities for involvement, leadership, and service. Amie Archambault serves as the primary contact for LGBTQIA+ student initiatives within the Office of Multicultural Education so please feel free to reach out if you are looking to get involved, have questions, or just to chat!

Programs & Additional Resources

Office of the College Chaplains
In a spirit of affirmation and hospitality, the Office of the College Chaplains offer two confidential support groups: one for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender students, the second for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming students. Both groups provide students with an opportunity to discuss being LGBTQIA+ at Holy Cross. To learn more or ask questions, please contact Meg Fox-Kelly at

The Counseling Center
The Counseling Center staff members are dedicated to creating an inclusive atmosphere for all individuals. We have specialized training and experience in working with members of the LGBTQIA community.

Pride is a student-run group, made of up of allies and LGBTQ students, which works toward increasing visibility and creating an accepting and supportive community for students of all identities. For more information, email

Outfront: A Holy Cross GLBTQ Faculty and Staff Alliance
Outfront seeks to cultivate a vibrant social and academic community of GLBTQ faculty and staff, students, alumni, and their allies.

The Office of Title IX Initiatives
The Office of Title IX Initiatives supports the College's dedication to an inclusive and safe community that is free from harassment and discrimination. The director of Title IX Initiatives responds to concerns involving discrimination based on gender, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

LGBTQIA Mentoring Program
The LGBTQIA Mentoring Program aims to create networking and mentoring opportunities for current students. Faculty and staff mentors are members of the LGBTQIA community and allies.

Programs & Additional Resources


LGBTQIA Mentoring Program

The LGBTQIA Mentoring Program aims to create networking and mentoring opportunities for current students. Faculty and staff mentors are members of the LGBTQIA community and allies. The program, which is meant to be relaxed and friendly, will feature one or two events every semester for LGBTQIA students to socialize with Outfront members. Additionally, students may seek out individuals for further mentoring and support.

Download a print version of the mentor list.



Stephenie Chaudoir
Associate Professor, Psychology
Beaven 326
I believe that we become our best possible selves when we are seen and affirmed for who we truly are. As an ally, I'm here to help you build affirming spaces and find supportive community members so that you can cultivate the unique gifts you have to offer our campus and the world.



Stephanie Crist
Lecturer, Montserrat Program & Sociology & Anthropology
Beaven 206
I'd like to be a mentor because I enjoy getting to know students and think it is important to give back to LGBTQ communities. I came out in a vibrant and positive LGBTQ climate in graduate school and would like to see Holy Cross students have the same opportunities. I would be happy to have conversations about coming out, being LGBTQ in everyday life, transitioning, non-binary identities, queerness, and much more. Students should know that my interactional style tends to be high energy and that I hope to empower them to lead the focus and direction of our conversations.



Daniel J. DiCenso
Assistant Professor, Music
Brooks 343
I'm happy to talk about any aspect of LGBTQ life at Holy Cross. Being an alumnus of the college myself, I understand the particular benefits and challenges of being "out and about on The Hill" — then and now. In addition to my work in music, I worked for many years in K-12 schooling and hold a Ph.D. in Education for anyone interested in opportunities related to the field of Education.



Susan L. Finne
Administrative Assistant, J.D. Power Center for Liberal Arts in the World
Smith 325
I would be honored to be a mentor to a Holy Cross student. I feel that my life experience as a middle aged divorced mother gives me a perspective that a younger person can appreciate and learn from. I have a very common sense approach to life and feel that as people on this planet, we should respect and support each other regardless of any differences we have.



Jamie Hoag
Director, Government and Community Relations
Hogan 522
As an openly gay alum and member of the college community, I want to be a resource for anyone who would like to discuss their experiences at Holy Cross. Having come out my senior year, I know the emotional courage that important step takes and can speak to my own personal journey to that decision. Regardless of where you are in your own development, I simply want to lend a friendly ear.



Alvaro Jarrin
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Beaven 216
Having LGBTQIA faculty mentor me during my undergraduate years, as I was coming out, was an invaluable experience that gave me self-confidence and provided me a critical eye to see gender and sexuality in a new way. I hope to be similarly helpful to Holy Cross students as they navigate coming out to their friends and family, or as they come to terms with the complex ways that gender or sexual identity intersect with race, class and nationality. There is no question too simple, or issue too minor, that I wouldn't be glad to help students tackle.



Ellen Keohane

Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services 
Smith 101
I am the Chief Information Officer at the College and also a graduate, '83. I've worked at Holy Cross since the summer after graduation and now hold the senior IT position at the College. I have a doctorate in management and organizational leadership; masters in CS; BA Mathematics. So career mentoring could be a focus area. Also, women in management and leadership mentoring. I look forward to participating in this program!



Scott Malia
Associate Professor, Theatre
O'Kane 492
I am incredibly passionate about student mentorship; it was one of the reasons I became involved with the creation of OUTFRONT. I believe our students greatly benefit from adult support as they deal with the variety of issues related to identity.



K.J. Rawson
Associate Professor, English
Fenwick 214
Mentorship is an important way for faculty and staff to build relationships with students in order to provide support and encouragement. I have benefited from the mentorship of many wonderful people and I would love to be able to provide that same type of support for others. As an out queer faculty member, I would welcome conversations with students about coming out, coping with discrimination, transitioning, and any other topic related to LGBT experience.





Virginia Ryan
Visiting Lecturer, Religious Studies
O'Kane 454
I would like to offer a safe and supportive relationship to students who are seeking advice or just someone to listen as they negotiate their place on campus. I am the parent of wonderful queer young adult and think I might be able to share some of what I've learned through that relationship.



Thibaut Schilt
Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures
Stein 413
As a faculty member, I am committed to doing my part in making Holy Cross an inclusive campus that values diversity in all its forms, cultivates a respectful environment where students from various backgrounds feel genuinely welcome, and vigorously fights against bigotry and discrimination. I am a member of Outfront, and students may come to me about any LGBTQIA-related issue they would like to discuss. Ultimately, I want current and future students to see Holy Cross not just as a tolerant college, but as one that actively promotes inclusivity.



Amit Taneja
Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 
Smith 224
I am happy to be a resource for LGBTQIA students on our campus. I have led coming out discussion groups at four different campuses and at off-campus communities for over 15 years. My research is on the experiences of LGBTQIA students of color at predominantly white college campuses, and am happy to discuss issues of intersectionality. I have also supported transgender and gender queer students in their coming out journeys. Please don't hesitate to reach out!



Stephanie Yuhl
Professor, History and Director, Montserrat
Smith 323
One of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at Holy Cross is the opportunuty to be a part of a wonderful young person's transformation into thoughtful and engaged adults. I am here to listen to and accompany students on their own journeys of becoming. I also teach and write about gender and sexuality and feel strongly about social justice. My office door is always open, so come on by!


Off-Campus Resources

Worcester LGBTQ Agencies

SWAGLY (Supporters of Worcester Area Gay and Lesbian Youth)
508-755-3773, ext. 42

PFLAG Worcester

Safe Homes

WLEN (Worcester LGBT Elder Network)
1-800-243-5111/ 508-756-1545

Worcester Pride


Health Resources

AIDS Project Worcester, Inc.

Fenway Health

JRI Health

The Network/La Red (Survivor-led Organizing to End Partner Abuse in LGBTQ Communities)
Hotline: 617-742-4911 (Voice) / 617-227-4911 (TTY) Office: 617-695-0877

Legal Resources


Community Legal Aid

MA Commission Against Discrimination

LGBT Asylum Support Task Force 

24 Hour Hotlines

Fenway Community Health
Peer Listening Hotline: 1-800-399-7337 / Listening Hotline of Any Age: 1-888-340-4528

GLBTQ National Youth Hotline

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project

Gay & Lesbian National Hotline

The Network/La Red (Survivor-led Organizing to End Partner Abuse in LGBTQ Communities)
Hotline: 617-742-4911 (Voice) / 617-227-4911 (TTY)

Trevor Project - GLBTQ Suicide Prevention

Open & Affirming Faith Communities

Unitarian Universalist Church

First Unitarian Church

Hadwen Park Congregational Church

Lake View Congregational Church UCC (Worcester Pride Sponsor)

United Congregational Church

Wesley United Methodist Church

First Baptist Church

All Saints Episcopal Church

Temple Sinai
508 755-1257

Congregation Beth Israel

Trinity Lutheran Church

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Worcester Colleges & Universities 

Assumption College

Becker College

Clark University

MCPHS University (facebook link provided on MCPHS website)

Quinsigamond Community College

UMass Medical School
Q Mass Program: 508- 856-8989


Worcester State
508-929-8117 or 508-929-8784