Sexual Respect and Conduct Planning Group


This group is charged with developing a strategic plan for improving our campus climate with respect to sexual respect and sexual misconduct. 

The plan should include concrete steps to:

  • Promote a culture of sexual respect and foster a shared understanding of our expectations for all members of the community;
  • Recommend specific measures to more effectively prevent sexual misconduct and sexual violence; and
  • Ensure there are sufficient specially trained support services available.

The plan should include recommendations and goals in each of the following areas:

  • Education and training for faculty, staff and students to support a climate of sexual respect;
  • Resources to address the particular needs of victims of sexual violence; and
  • Policies and programming to more effectively prevent incidents of sexual misconduct .

The College will provide resources to allow the group to consult with different constituencies on campus, and with those at other institutions in order to investigate and identify best practices.  The committee will also be given the results of the ENGAGE summit survey and the campus climate survey to inform some of their work. In addition the College will provide the resources of an administrative assistant to help with planning and logistics. 

The group is free to structure its efforts in whatever ways seem most effective.  In particular the group may need to form subcommittees to address different aspects of the charge.  We will provide the names of all community members who had offered to serve on the group as a resource.  In addition, two members of the executive team, Dottie Hauver and Jane Corr, will serve as ex officio members of the group.  They will ensure that the full executive team is informed about the work of the group and can give feedback about goals and priorities. 

We recognize that the changes we hope to make in campus culture will require sustained efforts in a variety of areas, over a period of time.  Thus it is important that the planning group indicate which of their recommendations have the highest priority for them.

We are asking that your report and recommendations are sent to the Executive Team by April 15, 2019.  This is a short timeline but it is necessary in order to allow us to gather feedback from the community and plan for implementation. 



  • Theresa McBride, Chair, Professor, History
  • Cristina Ballantine, Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Aaron Dashiell, Assistant Director of Athletics for Student-Athlete Development
  • Elizabeth Drexler-Hines, Director of Student Wellness Education
  • Megan Fox-Kelly, Associate Chaplain
  • Francisco Gago-Jover, Professor, Spanish and Dean, Class of 2021
  • Ryan Grant, Senior Associate Director of Residence Life and Housing
  • Jamie Hoag, Director of Government and Community Relations
  • Tracy Kennedy, Director of Title IX Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator
  • Izzi Lambrecht, Student, Class of 2019
  • Marcia LaPlante, Student, Class of 2020
  • Daniel Lopez, Officer, Department of Public Safety
  • Rev. Keith Maczkiewicz, S.J., Assistant Chaplain
  • Paulina Martin, Student, Class of 2021
  • Shawn Lisa Maurer, Professor, English and Dean, Class of 2019
  • John May, Student, Class of 2019
  • Patrick Mullen, Student, Class of 2021
  • Jane Corr, ex officio, Special Assistant to the President
  • Dorothy Hauver, ex officio, Vice President for Administration and Finance