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Sexual Misconduct Policy Review Committee


Sarah Behren, Class of 2019
Jane Corr, Special Assistant to the President
Francisco Gago-Jover, Professor, Spanish and Class Dean
Dorothy Hauver, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Paul Irish, Associate Dean of Students
Christian Realbuto, Class of 2020
Stephanie Reents, Associate Professor, English
Gareth Roberts, Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
Mary Roche, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Cheryl Rogers, Assistant Director, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
Bridget Whepley, Class of 2021

The Committee, with the assistance of attorney Daryl Lapp of the law firm Locke Lord, will review our current Sexual Misconduct Policy in light of requirements of relevant laws and regulations and the questions and concerns raised by members of the campus community. The Committee will then make recommendations to the President and the Executive Team about changes that should be considered to the Policy itself or to how the Policy works in practice.

There are many questions that the Committee may consider, such as the following:

  • Should there be mandated sanctions for certain violations or should the discretion inherent in the current policy be maintained or how does the College want to balance between these two approaches?
  • How are interim measures determined?
  • Who should determine and review sanctions?
  • Can we more effectively utilize the informal resolution process?
  • Are there ways to make the policy language more accessible? 
  • Are there ways to visually and more simply represent the usual process of review under the Sexual Misconduct Policy?
  • Who considers the monitoring of sanctions?
  • How often should parties be communicated with by the Title IX Office?

The Committee will specifically evaluate the timeframes for full investigations, determinations and appeals under the Policy, considering our commitments to fairness and the impact on, and care for, our community members. The committee will look at whether there are ways to tighten up the process that are appropriate for meeting these goals while also meeting the College’s obligations under applicable laws and regulations.