After Graduation

A physics degree will prepare you for a wide variety of careers. Our graduates often pursue graduate studies in physics, engineering or medicine, or they find position in finance, education, and engineering. According to the American Institute of Physics, students with bachelor’s degrees in physic earn one of the highest entry level salaries compared to students with other liberal arts degrees.

Alumni Success

  • On average, 40 percent of majors graduate with honors.
  • Recent graduates have been admitted to doctorate or master’s programs at prestigious universities such as Princeton, Northwestern, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins (see list below)
  • Recent graduates have started careers working in the aerospace industry, as software engineers, in finance, and in medical physics and nuclear physics, to name but a few.

Links to Physics Career Resources

Recent Alumni Employment Destinations

  • IBM
  • Jet Propulsion Lab
  • NASA
  • Raytheon
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Dell
  • Filecoin Foundation

Alumni Graduate Schools (Physics Majors and Minors)

Year Graduate School Placements (Ph.D. or Master’s programs)
Class of 2023 Columbia University (mechanical engineering)
Marist College (computer science)
Brandeis University (neuroscience)
Class of 2022 UC Santa Cruz (physics and planetary science)
Penn State (physics)
RPI (computer science)
University of Florida (mechanical and aerospace engineering)
Class of 2021 Northeastern University (data analytics)
University of Delaware (biomedical engineering)
Duke University (medical physics)
Notre Dame (data science)
Durham University, UK (physics)
Columbia University (physics)
University of New Haven (computer science)
Class of 2020 Boston University (electrical and computer engineering)
WPI (electrical power engineering)
UMass Amherst (environmental engineering)
Northeastern University (civil engineering)
Boston College (physics)
Class of 2019 Brown University (physics)
University of Notre Dame (ESTEEM program)
Columbia University (engineering/applied physics)
Carleton University, Canada (physics)
Class of 2018 Johns Hopkins (computer and applied math)
St Joseph’s University (ACE program)
Duke University (medical physics)
University of California, Berkeley (chemistry)
Class of 2017 Columbia University (3-2, mechanical engineering)
Cornell University (biophysics)
Georgetown University (physics)
Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering (applied and computational math)
Long Island University (applied math)
William & Mary Law School (J.D.)
Class of 2016 Brown University (public health)
Clemson University (environmental engineering)
Columbia University (mechanical engineering)
Duke University (medical physics)
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (PharmD)
Northwestern University (physics)
University of Pennsylvania (computer and information technology)
University of Virginia (engineering)
Class of 2015 Delft University, Netherlands (engineering)
University of Notre Dame (entrepreneurship)
Berklee School of Music (music)
Class of 2014 Imperial College, London (physics)
Cleveland State University (medical physics)
Class of 2013 College of William and Mary (computer science)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (physics)
Boston University (mechanical engineering)
Hofstra University (medical physics)
Class of 2012

Northwestern University (physics)
Johns Hopkins University (chemistry)
Princeton University (atmospheric and oceanic sciences)
Cornell (engineering management)

Class of 2011 University of New Hampshire (medical physics)
Columbia University (4+2 engineering)
University of Rhode Island (medical physics)
University of Maryland (chemistry)
Pennsylvania State University (chemistry)
Class of 2010 Yale University (physics)
Boston College (physics)
University Edinburgh (Sustainable Energy Systems)
Tufts University (biomedical sciences)
Class of 2009

Tufts University (civil and environmental engineering)
University of Colorado (geography, NOAA)
Boston University (actuarial science)

Class of 2008 Rosalind Franklin University (medical school)
Boston College (physics)
SUNY Albany (physics)
University of Akron (law)
UMass Lowell (applied physics)
Class of 2007 Columbia University (medical physics)
University of Florida (chemistry)
University of Pennsylvania (medical physics)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (mechanical engineering)
American University (law)
University of California, San Diego (engineering)
Boston College (materials science and engineering)
University of New Hampshire (physics)