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Faculty & Staff

Tomohiko Narita

Associate Professor and Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin
Fields: Experimental astrophysics — observations of low-mass X-ray binaries; development of X-ray satellite instrumentation.
Office: Haberlin 109 Phone: (508) 793-2503
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Robert H. Garvey

On Leave Fall 2018

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Fields: Theoretical atomic physics – energy levels of rare-earth ions in crystals; yield spectra of atmospheric gases; philosophical implications of technology.
Office: Haberlin 015A Phone: (508) 793-2408
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Ben Kain

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Fields: Theoretical particle physics and cosmology -- supersymmetric model building; cosmological inflation; dark matter; cosmological perturbations and the CMB. Theoretical atomic and molecular physics -- ultracold atom Bose-Einstein conendensation; superfluidity.
Office: Haberlin 004 Phone: (508) 793-2440
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Matthew B. Koss

Ph.D., Tufts University
Fields: Experimental condensed matter and materials physics — dendritic growth; kinetics and morphology of solidification; experimentation in "microgravity".
Office: Haberlin 014A Phone: (508) 793-2406
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Paul K. Oxley

Associate Professor
(On Leave Spring 2019)

Ph.D., Harvard University
Fields: Experimental atomic physics — Producing highly-excited atoms and investigating their applications in fundamental atomic and plasma physics, including tests of Quantum Electrodynamics and the Correspondence Principle and studies of atom-electron scattering.
Office: Haberlin 107 Phone: (508) 793-2473
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Timothy Roach

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Yale University
Fields: Experimental atomic physics — laser manipulation of ultracold atoms; high-precision atomic spectroscopy.
Office: O'Neil 221 Phone: (508) 793-3416
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Janine Shertzer

Distinguished Professor of Science
Ph.D., Brown University
Fields: Theoretical atomic and molecular physics — electron-atom and positron-atom collisions; exotic atoms; atoms in strong magnetic fields; finite element analysis
Office: Haberlin 206 Phone: (508) 793-2470
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De-Ping Yang

Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Fields: Experimental condensed matter physics — properties of magnetic materials; materials analysis using X-ray diffraction, Mössbauer spectroscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance; solid state physics and NMR theory
Office: Haberlin 110 Phone: (508) 793-2463
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Diane Jepson

Administrative Assistant
Office: Haberlin 104 Phone: 508-793-3381





Richard Miller

Office: Swords B6 Phone: 508-793-3383





Anthony Sacovitch

Lab Supervisor/Equipment Manager
Office: Haberlin 222A Phone: 508-793-2485