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The physics department encourages students to participate in an undergraduate research project. The department offers theoretical and experimental projects in astrophysics, atomic physics, condensed matter, cosmology, and particle physics. A number of our students have presented their work at professional conferences and in peer-reviewed journals. Each year around 10 physics majors participate in the Holy Cross summer science research program. These student researchers receive a summer stipend and additional funds for equipment and travel.

Summer Research Program

Holy Cross maintains a robust summer research program which provides students nine weeks of campus-based research under the direction of a faculty member. For an overview of faculty research topics in the department, please visit our faculty directory, and the departmental summer research application form can be found here.  For more information about the research program, please see the Office of the Science Coordinator website.

Workshop Tutors

Students may work as tutors in department workshops, furthering their own understanding of subject matter through explanation and education. Tutors are chosen by the department based on academic and interpersonal skills. For more information, please see the Academic Services and Learning Resources website.

3-2 Program in Engineering

The 3-2 Program offers a cooperative, five-year program for students who are interested in combining the liberal arts and sciences with engineering. The majority of students who take part in the program are physics majors.

Students spend three years as full-time students at Holy Cross and two years as full-time students at Columbia University in New York City. At the conclusion of the program, students receive both a bachelor of arts from Holy Cross and a bachelor of science in engineering from Columbia University. For program requirements and other information, visit the program’s website.

Teacher Education Program

The Teacher Education Program prepares undergraduate students to become highly effective, reflective, justice-seeking educators. The program leads to an initial license in Massachusetts at the secondary or middle school level. Interested students should consult with the director of the Teacher Education Program or visit the program’s site.

Navy ROTC With a Physics Major

An education in physics dovetails well with the College’s Naval ROTC program, and each year physics majors and minors take part in this program. Visit the Department of Naval Science website for requirements and benefits.

Nugent Gold Medal

The Nugent memorial medal was founded in the early 1900s by Rev. Edward Evans Seagrave in memoriam of John F. Nugent 1893. It is presented to students who have shown excellence in physics at Holy Cross. The award is usually made to a single student each year, but occasionally two exceptional students will share the award, and in some years no student will achieve the high standards required of the award. 

Year Name Postgraduate Pursuit


Yihui Jin

University of Chicago


Zachery H. St. Pierre

Software Developer at Medumo


Joseph G. Wihbey, III

3-2 Engineering Program, Columbia University
Mechanical Engineer at Sikorsky


Zachary Fernandes

Economics Research Assistant, Federal Reserve Bank, Washington DC.


Kevin Blanchette        

MSc., Imperial College, London, England


Craig Richardson       

Engineering Program, Boston University


Justin DeFrancisco
Robert Nazarian         

Ph.D. Program, Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Program, Princeton University


Steve Anderson          

Ph.D. Program in Physics, University of New Hampshire


Brendon O’Leary
Joshua Ryor    

Ph.D. Program, Yale University
M.S. in Offshore Wind Farm Analysis, University of Edinburgh


John Singleton

MS in Engineering Program, Carnegie Mellon University


James Daly     

Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University


Daniel O'Connor        

Sponsored Teaching in Singapore


Stephanie Stattel        

3-2 Engineering Program, Columbia University


Corinne Butova           
Gregory Weston         

Programmer analyst, Meditech Inc.
Medical school, Columbia University


Lindsey Lavoie

Ph.D. Program, University of Florida


John Giblin     

Ph.D. Program, Brown University


Caroline Berger
Keith McIntire

Ph.D. Program, Duke University
3-2 Engineering Program, Columbia University


Lori Masso     

Engineer, Raytheon Co. & MS Program, Tufts University


Anne Marie March    

Ph.D. program, Stony Brook University
Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory