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The Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies concentration consists of six courses:

  • Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies or an equivalent course approved by the program director
  • Four elective courses chosen from the list of approved program courses, one of which must be cross-cultural in focus
  • A senior capstone experience which consists of either a thesis or research project, and may evolve from academic work done in a class tutorial, advanced-level seminar or internship, subject to the approval of the program director and the faculty advisor

Please note:

  • Elective courses must be taken in three or more different academic disciplines
  • No more than two courses from your major may be applied to fulfill the concentration's requirements
  • All courses applied toward the concentration must be taken for a letter grade
  • No more than one approved internship may be applied toward the concentration

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Courses

Spring 2018


ANTH 299(01)

Anthropology of Social Media

Prof. Nurhaizatul Jamil

ANTH 310

Ethnographic Field Methods*

Prof. Ann Marie Leshkowich

ANTH 375

Islam, Gender & Globalization

Prof. Nurhaizatul Jamil


BIOL 114 (01)

Biological Principles: HIV Pandemic

Prof. Ann Sheehy


CLAS 221

Women in Classical Mythology

Prof. Nancy Andrews


ENGL 299 (01)

Queer Literature

Prof. K.J. Rawson

ENGL 382

Queer Theory

Prof. K.J. Rawson

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Courses

GSWS 120

Intro to Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Stds.

Prof. Mary Roche

GSWS 497

Capstone: Gender, Sexuality, Women’s Stds.



HIST 199 (02)

Family & Gender in China

Prof. Ke Ren

HIST 206

U.S. in the 20th C II 1945-Present

Prof. Anne Blaschke


PSYC 229

Abnormal Psychology

Prof. Jumi Hayaki

PSYC 328

Adolescent Psychology

Prof. Alison Ludden

Religious Studies

RELS 118

New Testament

Prof. Tat-Siong Benny Liew

RELS 300

Ethics of Work and Family

Prof. Mary Doyle Roche


SOCL 259

Children & Violence

Prof. Susan Cunningham

SOCL 279

Sex and the Global City

Prof. Lihua Wang

SOCL 378

Body, Work, and Global Society

Prof. Lihua Wang

Visual Arts

VAHI 136

Narrative in Art & Film

Prof. Virginia Raguin


*Course counts only if research topic focuses on gender or sexuality