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Full Day and Overnight Visits

Day Visits (Fall 2019)

To get a more in-depth look at Holy Cross, we invite you to consider a Day Visit. These opportunities are exclusively for high school seniors who are considering applying and looking to gain more information about what life is like for our students at Holy Cross. Students will be matched with a current Holy Cross student and may attend classes, meet with professors, eat lunch with students, and see other parts of campus.

Day Visits will be available from Tuesday, September 10, 2019 until Friday, November 22, 2019 (except October 11th, October 14th - October 18th, and November 11th). Please note that day visits will not be available on the weekends and registration is required one week in advance.

Overnight Visits (Spring 2020)

Each spring, we offer the opportunity for students to spend a night on campus and experience life in the residence halls. This is available only for high school seniors who have been admitted Regular Decision. Each student will be paired with a current Holy Cross student and will sleep in his/her dorm room, attend classes the next day, and get a feel for life on the Hill. A welcome dinner and lunch with the Class Dean is also included in the Overnight Visit. 

  • Registration information will be communicated to accepted students in late March. Please contact us at 800-442-2421 or with any questions.