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Are you beginning your college search and looking for some guidance? Already started and could use a few tips? During the College Search Series webinar series, admission staff and current students reveal the secrets to conducting a successful college search.

The Admission Process Declassified

How do we read an application? In this webinar, admission staff will break down the process of evaluating an application and what we look for. Join us for the inside scoop about application review.

4 Secrets to a Strong Application

There’s a lot that goes into your college application. What will make it strong? Where should you start? Tune in for four secret areas to focus on to strengthen your application.

5 Steps to Finding the Right School

What makes a school a good fit, and how do you find it? Learn the steps to finding the right college from our current students.

6 Ideas to Optimize Your College Visit

What should you be looking for on a tour? Should you make time for an information session? Hear from two current tour guides, Edwin '25 and Grace '25, on how to make the most of your visit. 

Dear High School Junior: Tips For a Successful Senior Year

Senior year may be the finish line, but your high school journey isn’t over quite yet! Join us for a discussion with first-year students on making the most of your senior year.

So, Tell Me About Yourself: Inside the Admission Interview

Interviews don’t have to be so frightening! Tune-in to this mock interview to learn tips and tricks for a successful admission interview.

Secrets to Writing a Stellar Essay

Writing blocks can be challenging. How can you make your essay stand out? Tune-in to this webinar to hear tips and secrets from first-year students and resources they recommend.

As you navigate the college application process, we want to address some common questions, myths, and uncertainties in admissions. Watch our archived miniseries which breaks down the different components of your college application.

Writing a Standout Essay

650 words can go by quickly. How will you stand out? Learn tips and tricks to essay writing with experts from Holy Cross and Syracuse University.

Boosting Your Application

Need a boost? Experts from Holy Cross and the University of Rochester will tell you how to take your application to the next level.

How Will the Admission Office Know My High School?

High schools are like snowflakes — each one has different courses, grading scales, and teaching philosophies. So how will we know what your high school is like when we read your transcript? Tune in for a deep dive by admission staff about differentiating high schools during application review.

Demonstrated Interest: Why It Matters and What It Can Do for You

What is demonstrated interest? Why do some schools track it? Tune in as admission staff reveal why demonstrated interest is important, and current students reflect on how it helped them in their college search.

Live Application Review with Commentary

You submit your application, and then what? Admission staff will reveal the evaluation process with a behind-the-scenes look at how we read applications. Tune in to see an application reviewed live.

Admission counselors and current students have led a series of seminars covering topics that will help juniors prepare for the college search.

5 Secrets to Finding the Right School

What makes a good college fit, and how do you find it? Learn the secrets to finding the right school from our current students.

4 Things You Should Know about Standardized Testing

What does ‘test optional’ really mean? How are scores used in application review, and how do you decide whether to send them? Tune in for the inside scoop about test scores from our admission staff.

3 Questions Your Tour Guides Wish You Would Ask

Your tour guides are here to help, but how do you make the most of your time with them? Hear what our current campus tour guides wish you would ask on your tour.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Application

There’s a lot that goes into your college application. What’s most important? Where should you start? Tune in for four concrete areas to focus on to strengthen your application.

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Transcript

Your transcript is the foundation your application is built upon; make sure it's as strong as possible. Tune in to find out how!

4 Keys to Writing an Impactful Essay

Struggling to pick an essay topic? We can help. Join us to learn what makes a great (or not-so-great) essay.

3 Tips to Nail Your Admission Interview

Interviews are a unique opportunity to add personality and life to your application. Tune in to learn how to make the most of it and leave a great impression!

4 Ways to Make Your Application Stand Out

Your application is the ultimate representation of who you are. We'll tell you how you can differentiate yourself and stand out.

A Day in the Life features four weeks of student Instagram takeovers and two webinars. Follow us on Instagram and watch the archives below for a glimpse into our students' day-to-day lives on (and off) The Hill.

Omar & Kelly

Omar Afifi '24 is a chemistry major from New Milford, CT. He is involved in chemistry research, Student Programs for Urban Development, HCF1RST, and is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Intern in the Office of Admission. 

Kelly Burke '25 is a biology major from Duxbury, MA. She is a campus tour guide, orientation leader, serves on the Alternate College Theatre Executive Board, and is a biology lab assistant.

Luke & Vanessa

Luke Cambra '26 is a history and political science major on the pre-law track from Westport, MA. He is involved in the Student Government Association, Student Programs for Urban Development, ALS Advocates, Spring Break Immersion, serves as Clark Hall Council President, and is a volunteer in the Office of Admission.

Vanessa Cervantes '26 is a political science major from Waukegan, IL. She works on campus at Cool Beans & Deli Shop, serves as an HCF1RST First-Year Intern, MEPA First-Year Intern, is on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Advisory Board, is a member of the Latin American Student Organization, ProspHer, the Peer Mentor Program, and attended the Passport first-year program.

Financial Aid Webinar Series

Do you have questions about how to apply for financial aid? We want to help. Watch our archived webinars, where Admission and Financial Aid staff outline application requirements, provide quick tips on where to start, and discuss your options for financing.

Figuring Out the FAFSA

Not sure where to begin in filling out the FAFSA? Let us provide some quick tips and suggestions to help you get started.

Entendiendo la FAFSA

Si no entiende cómo empezar a completar la solicitud de la FAFSA, aquí le damos algunos consejos e información sobre cómo, cuándo y qué necesita para completar esta solicitud.

The CSS Profile Decoded

What is the CSS Profile? Why do only some schools require it? Join us as we break down why the CSS Profile is so important and what you need to know when filling it out.

El perfil CSS decodificado

¿Qué es el perfil CSS? ¿Por qué solo algunas escuelas lo requieren? Únase a nosotros mientras desglosamos por qué el perfil CSS es tan importante y lo que necesita saber al completarlo.

Paying for College

Still feeling overwhelmed by applying for aid? Scholarships, loans, work-study, oh my! Join us as we offer some final tips on navigating the financial aid process.

Pagando la Universidad

¿Aún te sientes abrumado por la solicitud de ayudas? Becas, préstamos, estudio y trabajo. Vea este video donde ofrecemos algunos consejos finales sobre cómo navegar el proceso de ayuda financiera.

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