Application Prep

Applying to college can be overwhelming, and maybe a bit confusing. Our programming gives high school students a little extra help in navigating the college admissions process.

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For a complete archive of all past webinars, please visit our Webinars On-Demand page.

Junior Advisory Seminars

It's best to be prepared as you begin the college application process. Join us for our upcoming series of webinars as Admission Staff reveal the keys, tips, and secrets to preparing a strong application.

Junior Webinar Series The Great Debate
The Great Debate: Who Gets Admitted?

What's better, an A in an Honors class or a B in an AP? Do recommendation letters really matter? How important are standardized test scores? We answer all of these questions - and more!

Air Date: May 15, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Strengthen Transcript
3 Ways to Strengthen Your Transcript

Your transcript is the foundation your application is built upon; make sure it's as strong as possible. Tune in to find out how!

Air Date: May 18, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Writing an Impactful Essay
4 Keys to Writing an Impactful Essay

Struggling to pick an essay topic? We can help. Join us to learn what makes a great (or not-so-great) essay.

Air Date: May 22, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Admission Interview
3 Tips to Nail Your Admission Interview

Interviews are a unique opportunity to add personality and life to your application. Tune in to learn how to make the most of it and leave a great impression!

Air Date: May 25, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Make Application Stand Out
4 Ways to Make Your Application Stand Out

Your application is the ultimate representation of who you are. We'll tell you how you can differentiate yourself and stand out.

Air Date: June 5, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminars - Feb. 2022

Admissions counselors and current students have led a series of seminars covering topics that will help juniors prepare for the college search. Access the archives below. Closed captioning is available.

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Secrets to Finding the Right School
5 Secrets to Finding the Right School

What makes a good college fit, and how do you find it? Learn the secrets to finding the right school from our current students.

Air Date: February 21, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar -  Standardized Testing
4 Things You Should Know about Standardized Testing

What does ‘test optional’ really mean? How are scores used in application review, and how do you decide whether to send them? Tune in for the inside scoop about test scores from our admission staff.

Air Date: February 22, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar - Tour Guide Questions
3 Questions Your Tour Guides Wish You Would Ask

Your tour guides are here to help, but how do you make the most of your time with them? Hear what our current campus tour guides wish you would ask on your tour.

Air Date: February 23, 2022

Junior Advisory Seminar - Strengthen Your Application
4 Ways to Strengthen Your Application

There’s a lot that goes into your college application. What’s most important? Where should you start? Tune in for four concrete areas to focus on to strengthen your application.

Air Date: February 24, 2022