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Qualifications & Program Expectations


  • All Holy Cross students may submit proposals to the Summer Research Program—this includes first year students and graduating seniors.
  • Students are required to submit an academic transcript, but there are no GPA or degree progress requirements (although course experience in the related subject area and demonstration of academic success are viewed favorably when proposals are reviewed).
  • Students from all majors are welcome to apply, and although most students do summer research within their major field, it is not a requirement that students work within their major.
  • Interdisciplinary projects—including projects that draw summer fellows and advisors from different departments—are welcome.
  • All applications must be endorsed by a Holy Cross faculty member willing to serve as an advisor on the project.

Summer Program Expectations

Students are expected to

  • spend the full nine weeks engaged in research (usually from the end of May until the end of July)
  • participate in weekly research workshop events
  • produce some evidence of having accomplished the goals stated in the proposal
  • present their work at the annual Research Symposium in September of each year