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Past Summer Research Projects

Featured in the Winter 2014 edition of the Holy Cross Magazine is an article detailing the experiences of Olivia Vanni '13, Mario Leiva' 14, Helen Tucceri '15 and Prof. Sarah Stanbury as they researched the Presepi - Italy's ancient Nativity art form.  Read the story:

Past Projects include:

  • A team of Classics students who translated and digitized ancient commentary on Homer’s Iliad

  • A Psychology major who examined the intersection of religious experience and grief in the elderly

  • A History student who compiled oral histories on a Lakota reservation in South Dakota

  • A team of Political Science and History students who examined state ratifying convention records from 1787

  • An English student who wrote a series of short stories about discarded lives and relationships

  • A team of Theater majors who wrote and performed a play about online bullying

  • A Sociology major who examined the effects of widowhood on health issues among the elderly

  • An English student who tracked down 19th century medical reports that influenced portrayals of mental health in 19th-century literature

  • A team of students who composed an online Spanish-language video glossary of film techniques

  • A team of Modern Language  majors who translated the works of a major Italian feminist thinker

  • A Political Science student who researched the Catholic position on evolving norms regarding guerilla conflict