College Presidents

As we install Vincent D. Rougeau as the 33rd President of the College, join us in giving thanks for the past leaders who have stewarded Holy Cross through the past 178 years. 

1843-45: Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J. 

1845-48: Rev. James Ryder, S.J. 

1848-51: Rev. John Early, S.J. 

1851-54: Rev. Anthony F. Ciampi, S.J. 

1854-57: Rev. Peter J. Blenkinsop, S.J. 

1857-61: Rev. Anthony F. Ciampi, S.J. 

1861-67: Rev. James Clark, S.J. 

1867-69: Rev. Robert W. Brady, S.J. 

1869-73: Rev. Anthony F. Ciampi, S.J. 

1873-78: Rev. Joseph B. O'Hagan, S.J. 

1878-83: Rev. Edward D. Boone, S.J. 

1883-87: Rev. Robert W. Brady, S.J. 

1887-89: Rev. Samuel Cahill, S.J. 

1889-93: Rev. Michael O'Kane, S.J. 

1893-95: Rev. Edward A. McGurk, S.J. 

1895-1901: Rev. John F. Lehy, S.J. 

1901-06: Rev. Joseph F. Hanselman, S.J. 

1906-11: Rev. Thomas E. Murphy, S.J. 

1911-18: Rev. Joseph N. Dinand, S.J. 

1918-24: Rev. James J. Carlin, S.J. 

1924-27: Rev. Joseph N. Dinand, S.J. 

1927-33: Rev. John M. Fox, S.J. 

1933-39: Rev. Francis J. Dolan, S.J. 

1939-45: Rev. Joseph R. N. Maxwell, S.J. 

1945-48: Rev. William J. Healy, S.J. 

1948-54: Rev. John A. O'Brien, S.J. 

1954-60: Rev. William A. Donaghy, S.J. 

1960-70: Rev. Raymond J. Swords, S.J. 

1970-94: Rev. John E. Brooks, S.J. 

1994-98: Rev. Gerard Reedy, S.J. 

1998-2000: Frank Vellaccio, Ph.D. (Acting President) 

2000-2012: Rev. Michael C. McFarland, S.J.

2012- 2021: Rev. Philip L. Boroughs, S.J.

2021-present - Vincent D. Rougeau