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Rev. Thomas F. Mulledy, S.J.

First President of  the College (1843-1845)

The first President of Holy Cross was born in Romney, Virginia on August 12, 1794. He entered Georgetown College in 1813 but left in 1815 to enter the Society of Jesus.

He made his philosophical studies in Rome and was ordained a priest there in 1825. In 1829 he was appointed President of Georgetown College and then Provincial of the Maryland Jesuits from 1837 to 1840. After a three year stay in Turin, Italy, he was appointed President of the newly begun College of the Holy Cross in November, 1843. The first building, Fenwick Hall, was built under his supervision.

Rev. Mulledy stayed at Holy Cross only two years and then returned to Georgetown for a second term as its President from 1845-1857 and served in Jesuit churches in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

He died at Georgetown College on July 20, 1861 at the age of 66.