Latin 101 is the first course in a two-semester introduction to the Latin language. The goal is to read Classical Latin by the end of the year, and Latin 101 will introduce you to many of the fundamentals of the language, namely the chief features of its morphology and grammar. Success in the course largely depends on careful completion of translation assignments and regular memorization of vocabulary and forms, but this work will yield rich rewards: through the semester you will find yourself reading several mythical stories in Latin! We will also spend some time exploring the Greco-Roman mythical tradition, which frames these narratives. Moreover, since English is profoundly shaped by Latin, you will gain a deeper understanding of your English lexicon and increase its range – you will be able to deduce the meaning of unfamiliar words through their Latin roots, for instance.

You may not enroll in this course if you have taken two or more years of Latin classes in high school. Students who have taken two or more years of Latin classes in high school and who would like to continue taking Latin at Holy Cross should enroll in LATN 211 "1st Readings in College Latin" or, after consultation with the department chair, one of the LATN 301 "Seminars in Roman Literature."


LATN 101
Introduction to Latin I
Common Area: Language Studies
A first course in Latin. As you are introduced to fundamentals of Latin grammar, you encounter a historical language and culture, and engage with how that language and culture continue to shape structures of power today.

LATN 211
1st Readings in College Latin
Common Area: Language Studies
For students with two or more years of study in Latin at the secondary-school level. This course includes a systematic review of grammar, and selected readings from Latin authors.

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