Markus Ludwig

German FLA



Hello everyone,

My name is Markus. I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany and at the moment I am 25 years old. Currently I am studying English and Geography in a teacher training program in Bamberg, which is a beautiful medieval town and part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Besides and also before my studies I have been working in a few different fields and after a while I recognized that the most joyful jobs for me were working as a personal tutor, basketball coach and pedagogical employee in a school. That is because I am very passionate about helping others to improve themselves in various fields.

In my free time I love doing sports, especially playing basketball, but also listening to music, travelling and just having a great time with friends.

As a future teacher I am very much looking forward to be your German FLA for 2019-2020 because I think that we will have a great time, not just dealing with exciting German grammar but also with my homeland’s culture, that – by the way - consists of more than just delicious “Weißwurst”, “Sauerkraut” and “Bier”.

See you soon! Markus