Wei-Ting Huang

black hair student in black top

Hello everyone! Nǐhǎo(你好)

My name is Wei Ting (唯婷), and I will be one of your Chinese FLAs from 2022 to 2023. I am from Kaohsiung, south of Taiwan, where the weather is always shiny, and the people are famous for being friendly and nice. 

I’m now studying for my MA degree in Teaching Chinese as Second Language at National Taiwan Normal University. I love leaning different thing so I also studied history and Korean during my studies. I am a history buff and therefore, traveling for experience different cultures is one of my favorite things in my life.

Besides, I love to cook, photograph and play games. Photographing is part of my life too, it records my daily life and always reminds me of funny moments and good memories. Not to mention playing games, it is good way for me to relax. 

I can’t wait to go on the adventure, I had a blast last time when I was in the USA, so I believe this will also be a whole new experience to me! 

Look forward to meet you all at the College of Holy Cross.