Payment & Vouchers

All purchases are through the MBS Direct/BNC Services site. Books are not available in the store on campus.

A Holy Cross Book Voucher allows students to use their anticipated financial aid refunds to
purchase books and limited classroom supplies through the Holy Cross affiliated MBS
Direct/BNC Services website before their financial aid award is disbursed to their account. To
qualify for this voucher, the student’s tuition account must reflect a credit balance for the

If you are eligible:

  • You have the advantage to purchase or rent books (both new and used) or including a digital book much sooner than waiting for your aid to disburse and a refund to be processed.

  • The credit balance available at the time will be the amount used on your voucher amount.
  • If you qualify for the voucher with a credit balance on your tuition account, you will need to fill out the Bookstore voucher PDF form found below and remit via the student’s HC email account to the Bursar Office.
  • Once submitted, a code will be sent to the student’s HC email account from MBS Direct 24 - 48 hours later Monday – Friday. (Weekends will begin the process for submission on Monday)
  • All Vouchers will have an expiration date. Please note that a refund of excess credit will not be processed until after the expiration date and until the book purchase is posted to your tuition account. You will be responsible for any balance if aid has been declined or not received.