The construction of a state-of-the-art integrated science complex on the campus of Holy Cross creates new opportunities for teaching, learning, and conducting research as part of the College’s acclaimed undergraduate science curriculum. Among many benefits, the new facility:

  • Increases the number of chemistry and physics classrooms and teaching and research labs, as well as adds departmental and faculty offices, conference rooms, and informal areas for conversation, group study, and meetings.
  • Provides an outstanding home for the College’s important laboratory equipment (including its nuclear magnetic resonance facility), a list rivaling that of any other liberal arts college in the nation.
  • Improves safety and access for all students and faculty, including those who are disabled or have other special needs.
  • Provides a healthy, pleasant, highly efficient, and environmentally-friendly facility with the highest standards in HVAC and other systems.
  • Serves as a standard of excellence that will attract the best faculty and students to Holy Cross.
  • Reflects the integration of all scientific disciplines at Holy Cross.
  • Strengthens participation in hands-on science from introductory courses for non-science majors through upper-level courses for students going on to graduate and research programs.
  • Meets the needs of Holy Cross science teaching and research training today and tomorrow: with discovery-based curricula, state-of-the-art technologies and advanced instrumentation in classrooms and labs
  • Offers new opportunities for collaborative faculty/student research.
  • Makes high-level science at Holy Cross truly “visible” by utilizing an abundance of glass and natural light in interior and exterior construction.