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To complete the licensure program, TEP students must complete a comprehensive program of study in Education coursework.  The program of study includes eight courses, including a semester of full-time student teaching. 

*Please schedule a meeting with the Director, Mary Beth Cashman (, during Academic Advising periods to discuss interest and plans for enrollment in the TEP.

  • Two Foundations courses (required for all students)
    • Educ 167 - Educational Psychology
    • Educ 169 - Schooling in the US
  • One Urban Education course
    • Educ 273 - Urban Education
    • Educ 340 - Multicultural Education
  • One Human Development course
    • Educ 299 – Diverse Learners
    • Psyc 225 – Developmental Psychology
    • Psyc 228 – Psychology of Adolescence
    • Psyc 232 / Educ 299 – Developmental Science and Education
  • One Methods of Teaching course
    • Educ 301 - Methods of Teaching
    • Comparable course through the consortium
  • One Pre-Practicum course (zero-credit course, always taken as an overload)
    • Educ 310 - Pre-Practicum
  • One SEI Endorsement course (often taken during the practicum semester)
    • Educ 315 - English Language Learners
  • Practicum semester (full-time student teaching)
    • Educ 320 - Practicum
    • Educ 330 - Seminar in Teaching

In addition to completing the Education coursework, TEP students must also complete a range of courses to meet the state Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK) Requirements for Teachers.  Many of the SMK requirements correspond to the Holy Cross major requirements, but additional courses may need to be taken.  Advanced planning and regular advising with the TEP liaison in your major are important.