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Participants in the Teacher Education Program benefit from the widely recognized expertise of the faculty in Holy Cross’ Education Department. This group of scholars is renowned not only for their research and publications but also for their dedication to effecting positive change in schools. Actively engaged in the national conversation about education with academics, educators and policy makers, this group is passionate about providing students with a valuable classroom experience as well as mentoring them on their journey to become thoughtful and effective educators.

Program Admission

The Teacher Education Program is open to students majoring in biology, chemistry, Chinese, classics, English, environmental studies, French, history, mathematics, physics and Spanish. Applicants must successfully complete two foundational courses and meet minimum GPA requirements to be considered for the program. Applications are reviewed by a committee including the TEP director, academic department liaisons, instructors from the foundational courses and a teacher and/or administrator from Worcester Public Schools. Admissions decisions are based on performance in required coursework, performance within the major, faculty experience with the student and an interview. 

Ninth Semester Option

A ninth-semester option allows students to complete their student teaching requirement, the last step to licensure in teaching, in the semester immediately following graduation. The ninth-semester option consists of a supervised student teaching experience at one of our partner public schools along with enrollment in EDUC 330: Seminar on Teaching. This option is available only in the fall semester immediately following the student’s graduation from Holy Cross.