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Anthroplogy Major Requirements

Students interested in majoring in Anthropology should make an appointment with the Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department to discuss their program of study.

Please realize, that it is Holy Cross' College Catalog, and not this Website, that is the final authority on all degree and major requirements.


The anthropology major, focused on sociocultural anthropology, offers students opportunities for the extended study of cultures outside the industrialized West, with special strengths in the study of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The program emphasizes training in ethnographic field methodology, giving students the chance to apply their knowledge through fieldwork-based research in the Worcester environs. Courses address such topics as art, religion, politics and violence, economic change, globalization, gender, race, urban life, national identities, consumption and fashion. Students interested in conducting original research are encouraged to apply for summer research fellowships with faculty. The department also offers an honors program.

Anthropology can lead to further study or careers in the fields of law, development work, international business or journalism, and medicine, or to graduate studies in anthropology and the opportunity for research abroad.

Requirements (10 course minimum):

  • The Anthropological Perspective (Anthropology 101)
  •  Ethnographic Field Methods (Anthropology 310) 
  • Anthropological Theory (Anthropology 320)  
  • One advanced course at the 300 or 400 level: e.g. a seminar, tutorial, or research practicum 
  • Six anthropology electives, two of the electives may be sociology courses.

Students interested in the major should enroll in the Anthropological Perspective early in their program. Anthropology majors interested in the honors program are expected to complete the theory and methods requirements by the end of the junior year. Study abroad is enthusiastically supported; with prior approval, a theory course taken abroad may be used to meet the theory requirement, but the methods requirement must be taken at Holy Cross. A maximum of four courses from Study Abroad may be applied toward the major. A maximum of 14 courses can be taken in the major.