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Geosciences Program 

Coordinator: Sara Mitchell 
Swords 234

Administrative Assistant:
O’Neil 120

students in a snow pack
Geomorphology students analyze the record snowpack from February 2015. 

Geosciences at Holy Cross

The program at Holy Cross focuses on the geological processes that are occurring near the earth’s surface, including: geomorphology, hydrology, paleoclimatology, and oceanography. Students who have taken a class in geosciences often say, “I’m never going to look at rocks or landscapes the same way again.” 

Many of the classes incorporate regular laboratory field trips, and students are often able to explore the New England area and investigate everything from ancient mountain building events, dinosaur trackways, and recent glacial erosion to Worcester's urban hydrology. 

two students in a river

Interested in Geosciences?

If you enjoy the outdoors, are interested in science, and are curious about the earth, consider taking Introduction to Geology (GEOS 150). The course is offered every year in the fall, and counts toward your Natural Science common area requirement.