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After Graduation

Curious about what you can do when you graduate with an English major?

We offer advising in identifying the best career opportunities or graduate studies for you. With the help of the Center for Career Development, we hold an English Major Career Night every year. We invite recent Holy Cross English major alums who now work in a variety of different careers to reflect on how the English major helped them find this career path and to offer advice about how to discern and pursue jobs in fields ranging from publishing and education to business, technology, and law.

The faculty Graduate School Advisor also hosts an annual grad school information session, in which we discuss how to identify if you are a good candidate for graduate school, how to apply, and what life in graduate school is really like, as well as what your career prospects might look like when you complete your degree.

In addition to these formal group sessions, the English faculty are always willing to work with individual students as they identify their career goals.