Faculty & Staff


Sarah Stanbury


Chair, Department of English
Distinguished Professor of Arts and Humanities

(Ph.D., Duke University)
Fields: Chaucer and Late Medieval Literature; Medieval Visual Culture; Mapping Margery Kempe
Email: sstanbur@holycross.edu  
Office: Fenwick 221  Phone:  508-793-3408
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Greg Chase


Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., Boston University)
Fields: American and British Modernism; Philosophy and Literature; African American Literature; Southern Literature
Email: gchase@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 222
Phone: 508-793-2658
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Christine Coch


Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Renaissance English Literature and Culture; Shakespeare
Email: ccoch@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 224
Phone: 508-793-3947  
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Morris Collins


Visiting Assistant Professor
MFA, The Pennsylvania State University
Email: mcollins@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 213  Phone:  508-793-3518
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Kyle C. Frisina

professor frisina faculty professional headshot for faculty listing page

Assistant Professor
(Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Fields: Dramatic literature; Contemporary Theater and Performance; 20th and 21st century American Literature; Performance Studies
Office: Fenwick 214   Phone: 508-793-3651
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Debra L. Gettelman


Associate Professor
(Ph.D., Harvard University)
Fields: 19th Century British Literature and Culture; the Novel; Book History; Film Adaptation
Email: dgettelm@holycross.edu 
Office:  Fenwick 227B    Phone: 508-793-2759
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Leah Hager Cohen

Hager Cohen

Visiting Professor and James N. and Sarah L. O'Reilly Barrett Professor in Creative Writing
(M.S., Columbia University)
Fields: Creative Writing: Fiction and Nonfiction; Ethics of Storytelling
Email: lcohen@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 231   Phone: 508-793-3437
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Madigan Haley


Assistant Professor 
(Ph.D. University of Virginia)
Fields: 20th- and 21st-Century British Literature; Comparative World Literatures; Transnational Modernism; History and Theory of the Novel; Postcolonial and Global Studies
Email: mhaley@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 223   Phone: 508-793-2523
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N. Claire Jackson


Visiting Assistant Professor
(Ph.D. University of Louisville)
Fields: Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Program Administration, Composition Pedagogy, Translingualism, Trans Studies
Email: ncjackso@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 211  Phone: 508-793-2364 
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Sarah Klotz


Assistant Professor
On leave, Spring 2022

(Ph.D., The University of California, Davis)
Fields: Composition and Rhetoric, Native American/Indigenous Studies, Writing Assessment, American Literature
Email: sklotz@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 210  Phone: 508-793-3965 
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Nadine M. Knight


Associate Professor
(Ph.D. Harvard University)
Fields: African American Literature; 19th and 20th Century American Literature; American Civil War Studies; Film and Television 
Office: Fenwick 227A
Phone: 508-793-2563
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Sarah Luria

woman outside with green bush behind her light colored shirt and gray sweater, short hair and glasses smiling at the camera

On Leave 2021 - 2022

(Ph.D., Stanford University)
Fields: 19th Century American Literature; American studies (Intersections Between Visual/Material Culture, History, and Literature); 19th Century Political Oratory and Rhetoric; 19th Century Sentimentalism; Robert Lowell "For the Union Dead" Website
Email: sluria@holycross.edu  
Office: Fenwick 211  Phone:  508-793-3443
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Hugh Martin

standard image placeholder purple shield with a white sun like structure in the middle

Visiting Assistant Professor
Email: hmartin@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 230  Phone: 508-793-3938
PO Box: 47A
Office hours: MF 1:30-3, W 10-12, and by appt;  and Zoom option.



Shawn Lisa Maurer

woman with shoulder length hair and green, blue, yellow pattered shirt

(Ph.D., University of Michigan)
Fields: 18th Century British literature and Culture; History and Theory of the Novel; Satire; Feminist and Critical Theory; Women's and Gender Studies; Women Writers; Female Modernism, esp. Dorothy Richardson; 19th and 20th Century Anglo-American Women's Poetry
Email: smaurer@holycross.edu 
 Fenwick 229   Phone: 508-793-3444
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Jonathan Mulrooney


On leave, Spring 2022

(Ph.D. Boston University)
Fields: British Romantic Literature; Romantic-period Theater and Public Culture; Nineteenth-Century British & American Literature; Film; Romantic Historicisms
Email: jmulroon@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 212  Phone: 508-793-3440
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Lee Oser


(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: English and American Poetry; Religion and Literature; Modernism; Catholic Fiction; Shakespeare and the Renaissance.
Email: leeoser@holycross.edu  
Office: Fenwick 219
Phone: 508-793-2208
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Oliver de la Paz

de la Paz

Associate Professor
(M.F.A, Arizona State University)
Fields: Creative Writing: Poetry and Hybrid Genres; Contemporary American Poetry; Asian American Literature
Email: odelapaz@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 227   Phone: 508-793-2698
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Leila Philip


(M.F.A, Columbia University)
Fields: Creative Writing/Non-fiction
Email: lphilip@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 215   Phone: 508-793-2393
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Jennifer Reed


Visiting Assistant Professor
Fields: 18th- and 19th-Century British Literature and Culture
Email: jreed@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 231
Office Hours: M/W 4pm–5pm, and by appt.
Phone:  793-3580


Stephanie Reents


Associate Professor
On Leave 2021 - 2022

(M.F.A., University of Arizona)
Fields: Fiction; Contemporary American Fiction; Experimental Narrative Writing
Email: sreents@holycross.edu 
Office: Fenwick 230    Phone: 508-793-2709
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Paige Reynolds


(Ph.D., University of Chicago)
Fields: Modern and Contemporary Irish Literature; Irish Studies; 20th Century British and American Literature and Culture; Modern Drama and Performance.
Email: preynold@holycross.edu  
Office: Fenwick 228   Phone: 508-793-2695
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Jorge Santos


Associate Professor
(Ph.D., University of Connecticut)
Fields: Ethnic American Literature; Immigrant/Migrant Literature; Ethnic Studies; American Cultural Studies; Graphic Narrative; Asian American Literature
Email: jsantos@holycross.edu  
Office:  Fenwick 225   Phone: 508-793-3460
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Melissa Schoenberger


Associate Professor 
On Leave 2021 - 2022

(Ph.D., Boston University)
Fields: Restoration and 18th Century British Literature; Poetry; Translation
Email: mschoenb@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 222  Phone: 508-793-3521
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Hayley Stefan


standard image placeholder purple shield with a white sun like structure in the middle

Visiting Assistant Professor
Multi-ethnic Literature of the United States; Disability/Mad Studies; Digital Humanities
Email:  hstefan@holycross.edu
Office: Fenwick 225
Office hours:  Zoom: M & W 1:30-2:30pm; Th 10–11AM; & by appt.
Phone: 508-793-3331


Susan Elizabeth Sweeney


Distinguished Professor of Arts and Humanities
On Leave 2021 - 2022
(Ph.D., Brown University)
Fields: Modernist and Postmodernist Fiction (American and European); Literary Revisions of Popular Narrative Genres (Folktale, Detective Story, Gothic Romance); 19th Century American Literature, esp. Poe, Hawthorne, and Dickinson; 20th Century Comparative Literature, esp. Nabokov
Email: ssweeney@holycross.edu  
Fenwick 220  Phone: 508-793-2690
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Xu Xi  許素細 

xu (photo credit Leslie Lausch)

Jenks Chair in Contemporary Letters
Genres: Novel, Literary Essay, Short Fiction, Memoir; Transnational literatures in English; World Literatures in translation (especially literatures of Asia and postcolonial spaces); World Politics (esp. China-US relations); Indonesian language and literature.
Email:  xxi@holycross.edu
Office:  Fenwick 218   Office Phone:  508- 793-2365
Office hours:  Th 11am - 12pm; F 9:30 to 10:30am; & by appt.
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Elise Saad


Academic Administrative Assistant
Office: Fenwick 209 
Phone: 508-793-2562
PO Box: 47A
Office hours: M-F 8:30-4:30



Faculty Emeriti

Patricia L. Bizzell


Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emerita, English
(Ph.D., Rutgers University)
Fields: Expository Writing; Theory and Practice of Rhetoric; American Literature to 1900; American Women's Literature
Email: pbizzell@holycross.edu  
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Robert Cording

Professor Emeritus
Email: rcording@holycross.edu


Maurice A. Géracht


Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emeritus
(Ph.D., University of Wisconsin)
Fields: 18th Century English Literature; English, American, French Narrative Traditions and Narrative Theory; 20th Century Visual Arts; Intersections Between Visual Arts and Literature.
Email: mgeracht@holycross.edu 
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Patrick Ireland

Associate Professor Emeritus
Email: pireland@holycross.edu


James M. Kee


Professor Emeritus
(Ph.D., University of Virginia)
Email: jkee@holycross.edu
Office hours: TR 1-2, and by appt.


Thomas M.C. Lawler

Professor Emeritus


Richard E. Matlak

Professor Emeritus
(Ph.D., Indiana University)
Fields: William Wordsworth and English romantic writers; biography and poetry; dialogical approaches to literature; transitions between periods of literary history and national literatures.


B. Eugene McCarthy

Professor Emeritus


William Morse

Associate Professor Emeritus


Helen Whall


Professor Emerita
(Ph.D., Yale University)
Fields: Shakespeare; Renaissance Drama; Modern Drama; Comic Theory
Email: hwhall@holycross.edu